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Ranking the most annoying zombies in Dying Light

Dying Light is full of different zombies, some of which are pushovers while others have you running for your life. Here are our personal picks for the most annoying zombies in Dying Light, in order of least to most painful to deal with.

8. Biter

The Biters are the most common type of zombie in Dying Light. Their slow movement and attacks make them easy to deal with for veteran players, but getting trapped in a horde of them is a different story. As the game progresses, the threat these guys pose goes away.

7. Bomber

Any zombies that explode are a pain to deal with. The annoyance from these guys doesn’t come from them, but instead from the Virals they call over when they go boom. Good luck trying to escape without making some noise and attracting friends.

zombies Dying Light
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6. Toad

Toads are one of the few ranged enemies in Dying Light. Their acidic spit does solid damage and has the ability to reach far ranges. The one redeeming factor the Toads have is that they suck in close combat, and are easily taken out with a couple swings, if you can get them before they start running.

5. Goon

8-foot-tall zombies with rebar clubs is the only way to describe the Goons in Dying Light. They have large health pools, making battles with them long and drawn out. Their rebar clubs knock you down, and they have a ground slam that can reach up to 20 feet, making it hard to close the gap to them safely.

4. Screamer

What’s worse than a screaming child? A screaming zombie child. These infected kiddos are pure nightmare fuel. They lure you in with the subtle cries of a baby, which is just messed up. And on top that they release a high pitched scream that blurs your vision and makes it hard to get a solid whack on them. Don’t let them scream for too long, or else their other zombie friends might show up.

zombies Dying Light
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3. Demolisher

Armor? Check. Ability to throw boulders and cars? Check. Annoying dash that will send you flying? Check. Those three things sum up the Demolisher in Dying Light. The Demolisher is one of the first bosses you encounter in the game, and is the largest enemy type of all. If you are hit by them you get knocked over, leaving your vulnerable for others to attack, leading to some highly inconvenient deaths.

2. Viral

These recently infected runners are some of the creepiest zombies in game, next to the screamers. They are attracted to sound, which makes guns a no-go when you are running through the city. What makes them even worse is that sometimes when you swing at them, they will plea for mercy, letting you know that there is still something human about them.

zombies Dying Light
Image by Techland

1. Volatile

I don’t think the Volatile topping this list comes as a surprise to many long term Dying Light fans. These alpha zombies only prowl at night and have some of the largest health pools in the game. Even with UV Flashlights and Gold-Tier weapons, these guys take too long to kill, and will make you regret fighting them. It may just be better to take the night off.

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