Should you play CSGO in 2022?

Since its release in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received many updates and changes while retaining its place as a cornerstone of modern competitive FPS gaming. With the emergence of other popular FPS games like Valorant, players may be wondering how newer titles hold up against the monolith that is CSGO. So, let’s talk about the current state of CSGO, and try to answer the question of whether the game is worth playing in 2022.

Is anyone still playing CSGO in 2022?

Ten years after its initial release, CSGO is still the most popular game on Steam. At the time of this writing, CSGO counts over 900,000 current players – 200,000 more than the popular Lost Ark, 300,000 more than DOTA 2, and almost 400,000 more than PUBG: Battlegrounds. So if you are afraid CSGO is a dead game, don’t worry: they are still plenty of terrorists and counter-terrorists playing the game.

Players CSGO 2022
Image by Steam Charts.

Interface changes

CSGO received several UI changes over the years. From the starting page to the buying menu and crosshair configuration, it is easier now to access whatever you want than it was a few years ago.

The game also features in-app purchases. If you pay a monthly fee, you can get more information about your Competitive and Wingman matches.

Overall, playing CSGO in 2022 gives you more information about everything. You can check live matches in the game, have statistics about your past performance, and set up your favorite weapons fairly easily.

CSGO Main Menu
Screenshot by SQUAD.

War, war never changes

The Counter-Strike formula hasn’t changed much since the first version of the game released in 1999. Terrorists try to plant a bomb, and counter-terrorists need to either kill them all or defuse the bomb before it explodes.

In 2022, CSGO may be all shiny and new, but the core gameplay remains the same. The main differences are the types of matches you can join. If the game only featured competitive matchmaking and custom lobbies at first, there are more ways to enjoy the game now.

The staple maps of Counter-Strike are still here. Dust II, Nuke, Train, Cache: you may already know them all by heart. But there are new places to discover as well, such as Iris and Climb.

Iris Climb CSGO maps
Image by Valve.

Besides the usual 5v5 battles, there is also a Wingman mode offering players a 2v2 experience on smaller versions of the classic maps. Both the Competitive and Wingman modes offer ranked matches.

For a more chill experience, you can also hop on a Casual game, Deathmatch, War Game, or Danger Zone. The first two modes are well known by CSGO players, who always used them as warm-ups before competitive games. War Games give specific objectives to players, twisting the usual gameplay of Counter-Strike. Danger Zone is a Battle Royale mode where 18 players fight until only one of them is left alive.

So, should you play CSGO in 2022?

If you have played CSGO in the past and liked the game, then yes, you should give it another try in 2022. Counter-Strike has been around for almost two decades now and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with its core gameplay and features improving gradually not really changing.

If you have never played CSGO however, it might be harder for you to get into the game in 2022. The skill ceiling is higher than ever before, with the more casual players switching to Valorant or battle royale games. Those who have stuck with CSGO are true mainstays of the game: AWP specialists, people insulting you in Russian, and the like. Jokes aside, that is what CSGO has always been, and probably what it will always be. Unless you play with friends, you may not have a good time in your first few hours – or days – in CSGO.

A word of caution if you are not yet familiar with the CSGO community: some players can be pretty toxic. It is common to have insults, slurs, or even death threats hurled at you. As terrible as it may sound, this is, unfortunately, true for many competitive games these days, and CSGO is no exception.

Whether you choose to play CSGO or not, make sure to check back with SQUAD for more gaming content!

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