Should you play Hood: Outlaws and Legends in 2022?

Hood: Outlaws and Legends saw the beginning of its third season on April 5, bringing new cosmetics and a slew of balance changes. But after a lackluster launch and a slow post-release schedule that saw most of the install base leave, is there really a reason to play Hood: Outlaws & Legends in the year of our lord 2022?

Multiplayer heist games are still few and far between nowadays. Which is why Hood – with all its polish, style, and originality – was a promising release. But is it actually good? Hood features both a PvP and co-op mode. While the game mostly features online play, the co-op mode is actually playable solo. What’s better is that as of Season 3, the game features full crossplay across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

Not enough to keep us invested

The main problem with the game though, is that it hasn’t been able to escape its own lack of content. Hood: Outlaws and Legends isn’t exactly an old title either, only having released in May of 2021, to little fanfare. Hood allows you and your squad to work together and pull off the perfect heist. It gives you the choice to play stealthily and stick to the shadows, or run in screaming and killing everything in your path – which is great.

The issue is that Hood really doesn’t place much emphasis on the stealth, finesse, and strategy aspects of the game at all. Regardless of what happens, your match is more than likely to devolve into a knock-down, drag-out brawl between both gangs – which can only remain fun for so long.

Hood Outlaws and Legends 2022
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Currently, the game features only five playable characters, little to no playstyle customization, and an unfortunately low variety of modes. Out of the modes it does have, the PvP mode is effectively dead as there is essentially no active playerbase – as a result, matchmaking is slow and the player pool is too small and competitive. The PvE mode doesn’t fare much better either. The novelty wears off quickly and will not hold your interest for more than a couple of matches – removing any sense of replayability.

What does the future hold?

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have much chance to improve, though it definitely has room for improvement. As it stands, the developers are in a rough spot in regard to future developments. In a recent Q&A video senior game designer, Erich Cooper said that the development of new content is “a question of seeing what the player data is like . . . Have we got enough people playing the game for us to actually invest in content?” While they do have plans for the future, they simply can’t spend the money to develop content if there are no players to actually enjoy it. Hood is losing players due to a lack of content, but they can’t financially justify the development of new content unless there is a player base to support it. Sadly this means that Hood: Outlaws & Legends will most likely continue to stagnate, with no hopes of future growth.

So, should you play Hood: Outlaws and Legends in 2022? Unfortunately, it’s not worth getting into it at this point. If you’re really looking to play a medieval heist game then it may be worth following its development – but it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting much of that in the future anyway.

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