Skull and Bones will be a better game after reboot

Ubisoft is delaying many titles, but it may work out for the best

Okay so, remember that Ubisoft pirates game? No, not Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, I’m talking about Skull and Bones. Yeah that one. It sounds like Skull and Bones is getting a reboot of sorts. It’s transitioning to more of a “live” experience, and honestly I think this a good step for the game.

Skull and Bones has been in a form of development hell for the last few years now, which of course sucks. It sounds like now Skull and Bones will follow more of a Fortnite approach. Rather than one static game with dynamic modes and events like The Division 2 and Steep, Skull and Bones will evolve over time. 

A popular model to follow

Think of it like how with every season, Fortnite players face map changes and events which permanently shape the game going forward. Skull and Bones will likely follow suit, which honestly is for the best. A multiplayer-focused game like this deserves to evolve over time, and has more than enough potential to do so.

Static experiences work better for games like The Division because they have established stories and paths. When you give us the open seas and piracy, you best believe I want this game to last. 

Skull and Bones ship
Just look at that figurehead.

Skull and Bones could very well be the pirate game we needed. Sea of Thieves is fun, but really cartoony.Pillars of Eternity II is interesting, but is single player and story driven. Skull and Bones has the potential to take both games and merge them together. It would tell a story over time as you prowled the seas, while simultaneously being an entertaining multiplayer experience. I mean, this game basically just has to beat out Blackwake and give it a story mode – with the framework of Black Flag, it really shouldn’t be that hard. 

Please, no yo ho’s

The one thing I want from this title is to follow some of the themes from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. The less pirate stereotypes it follows, the better. AC Black Flag gave us sailors looking for freedom from British rule, forging their own paths and destinies. Depending on the timeline, they could even feature real life pirates like Calico Jack and Blackbeard – who were also characters in Black Flag. The golden age of piracy doesn’t have to be exclusive to one Ubisoft title, but please just don’t do anotherTreasure Island.

I don’t know about you, but I was kind of disappointed that the game was absent from Ubisoft Forward. While the event still held my interest with it’s other announcements, the lack of pirate content was disheartening. That’s why when I caught wind of the new direction I was excited once more.

I do hope that this extra time and new direction allow the game to ship in a finished and polished state. While many Ubisoft titles have been delayed as of late, it seems to be worth it. Other outlets have reported that Watch Dogs: Legion delays have actually served to benefit the game. Here’s hoping that boon extends to other titles as well.

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