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TELUS Rockets Further into Esports with TELUS Arena Launch

Canadian telecom major, TELUS has tripled down on its commitment to creating inclusive, competitive spaces for Canadian gamers with the launch of TELUS Arena. The platform follows up on the company’s previous launch of the TELUS Esports Series and the TELUS Gaming Affiliate program.

The new Arena platform promises to be a premier destination for gamers looking to get into a progressive path of beginner to pro-level brackets with prize value ranging from $600 to over $6000 per player.

The prize pool:

It’s worth clarifying that the non-monetary prizes for each bracket are on a per-player basis. For example, each player on last year’s top placing team (Mirage) captured a complete gaming peripherals kit (audio, keys, mouse), VISA and Best Buy gift cards, and elite training sessions at a value of just under $5000 CAD. This year, the top prize pool includes a complete gaming peripheral set, a premium gaming chair, a Playstation 5, and an Xbox Series S among other loot for each of the top three players per team.

That’s an approximate increase in total prize value in the series from $50k last year to $80k this year (CAD). Pretty solid growth for the TELUS gaming platform and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do to break new ground in the evolving Canadian esports landscape.

The details:

The newly launched TELUS Arena platform proposes to host a new home for gamers of all skill levels with tournaments open to Canadian residents ages 15 and up. In a LinkedIn post, Caghan Bonnough – Sr. Market Manager for Gaming at TELUS stated, “Our league is created to support all player skill levels, support both physical and mental health as well creating a non-toxic gaming community for players 15 and over!”

With a focus on bringing ‘non-toxic’ experiences, community engagement, and a new meeting ground for players to link up on the paired Discord community server, TELUS wants to engage players on a grassroots level, amplified by the upcoming TELUS Esports Series: Rocket League 2. The upcoming series features four brackets for competitors of all skill levels to compete through Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite tiers and follows the success of last year’s inaugural esports competition.

Telus esports series 2
Image by Northern Arena

Each tier is completely free to register for and invites members to jump in at their corresponding Rocket League division (Supersonic Legend, Diamond, Platinum, Silver, and below). The tournament format is round robin, double elimination for all brackets, and runs from Nov. 18 – Dec. 18 with the playoffs cast live (details TBD).

Prize pool values per bracket are listed as:
⦁ Beginner – $600
⦁ Intermediate –  $2,250
⦁ Advanced – $6750
⦁ Elite – $21,000

Northern Arena is proud to partner with TELUS on the tournament series again, while the new tournament platform presents sponsorships from gaming brands like HyperX, Nanoleaf, and Game Con Canada.

What it means for gamers:

For Canadian gamers, specifically, this is the first premier esports league from a host of big Canadian players geared towards competitive and casual Canadian gaming audiences. We’ve been watching esports grow in Canada with the same enthusiasm and energy as the rest of the world and it’s nice to see a big player like TELUS take on creating true, community-based, wholesome player experiences.

I’m excited to see what TELUS can do to ‘up the ante’ in the Canadian gaming space. I’m also specifically interested to see how they evolve into other gaming titles like Apex Legends which was previously teased in early 2022 for the platform. I think it’s a great consideration to focus on younger gaming audiences as well (the 15+ cohort) as an extension of their inclusive, hostility-free environment.

With so many other platforms that offer a carbon-copy gaming experience, it’s promising to see TELUS come into the game with clear, true custom goals for Canadian gamers. I’m looking forward to seeing this and the esports landscape in Canada evolve.

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