The 4 biggest surprises in Pokemon Legends Arceus’ story

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the latest entry to the Pokemon games series and is already marking history. Not only it is the first Pokemon game to feature an immersive semi-open world, but it is also a leap in time as Legends Arceus is a prequel to all other Pokemon games.

The story of Pokemon Legends Arceus is rich and full of surprises. If you haven’t completed the game yet and would like to avoid spoilers, save this article for later because it is full of them! For everyone still here, here are the four biggest surprises in Pokemon Legends Arceus’ story.

4. A trip through time and space

The story of Pokemon Legends Arceus happens long before the events of any previous game. We are transported back in time by Arceus, a God-like Pokemon who is said to have shaped all there is in this world.

We wake up in the Hisui region, which is the land that became known as Sinnoh in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. And the similarities between both regions are obvious: Jubilife Village is an early version of the megalopolis of Jubilife City, the Floaro Gardens are the premises of Floaroma Town, and Mount Coronet is in the center of both Hisui and Sinnoh.

Comparison of Hisui and Sinnoh maps in Pokemon
Image by IGN.

3. Banished from Jubilife Village

As we defeat the fifth frenzied Noble Pokemon, the space-time rift in the sky expands even further and the sky above Hisui turns red. Since we fell through that very same space-time rift, Galaxy Team Commander Kamado believes we are connected to the Noble Pokemon frenzies. He doesn’t really know what or who we are anymore. Kamado decides to banish us from Jubilife Village and from the Galaxy Team until we can prove our innocence.

2. The Red Chain fails

After we got banished from Jubilife Village, Volo takes us to the Gingko Guild’s secret settlement called the Ancient Retreat. There, Cogita tells us that an artifact called the Red Chain could make the rift disappear and bind the word back together. However, this artifact is not already lying somewhere and we need to craft it.

Once we finally get our hands on the Red Chain, we head to the Temple of Sinnoh atop Mount Coronet. We try to use the Red Chain to fix the world, but the artifact is broken to pieces. Not only did our plan of saving the world failed, but we also have to face a powerful legendary Pokemon – either Palkia or Dialga.

1. Volo is not such a good guy

Volo’s betrayal is probably the biggest surprise from Pokemon Legends Arceus. If the merchant was pretty nice to us throughout our adventures, he ended up being the biggest villain of the game.

After we collected 17 of the 18 Plates requested by Volo, the merchant takes us to the ruins of the Temple of Sinnoh. Volo reveals he was the one who caused the rift to appear by seeking out Giratina. He hoped that Dialga and Palkia’s appearance would make Arceus show up.

Volo holds the last Plate we couldn’t find and wants us to hand over the 17 we collected so he can summon Arceus himself. He plans to use the almighty Pokemon’s powers to create a brand new world, destroying Hisui in the process. When we defeat him and get access to Arceus’ secret hideout, Volo is pretty angry. He swears that one day he will conquer Arceus and create a new world, even if it will take him centuries to do so.

Which event from Pokemon Legends Arceus surprised you the most? If you are curious about the full story of the game, the Leaderboard went through it in their latest video.

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