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The Call of Duty: Warzone DMR meta is actually a good thing

Imagine having a 0.4 KDR and crying about the DMR.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War finally made its Warzone debut with Season 1 currently underway. This marks the first season – apart from launch – that a game’s worth of new weapons were introduced at the same time. With new weapons come new metas, and with new metas come cynics and crybabies. The Warzone “problem” meta in this case has to do with the DMR from Black Ops Cold War. Some players claim that this DMR meta is the worst thing to happen to Warzone, but I personally think the weapon’s addition is for the best.

No more beams

Unlike previous Warzone metas where the Grau, Bruen, and Kilo ran rampant, there are no long range beams to fall back on with the DMR meta; sure, there’s the Mac-10, but that’s hardly a laser. Back then, missing a shot was not the end of the world: you could just swing the beam back and still banish the enemy to the Gulag.

Now there’s no more crutching on your standard AR, missing half your shots and still mowing people down. With the DMR you can’t beam players, and you actually have to hit your shots.


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There’s also the role of this weapon as a training tool to consider. All Counter Strike: Global Offensive players can play Call of Duty, but not all CoD players can play CSGO. The skill disparity is massive and it really shows.

Clicking heads isn’t an easy task in the slightest, but now that Warzone has the DMR, maybe players will learn to make their shots count and force themselves to be more accurate. The DMR meta shouldn’t widen the skill gap further, but elevate Warzone level of play across the board.

Salty people move on

The people who refuse to ride the wave should probably get off of it. Until a major nerf or a better gun shows up, the DMR will stay as the king of the hill. If this is too much stress for you to handle, it might be time to play something else for a bit, find your center, and come back to Warzone with a fresh outlook. I know I’m personally OK living in this chaos, and I welcome getting shot out of a helicopter for the 4th time.

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