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The Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer modes will shape its future

Ghost of Tsushima is receiving a multiplayer expansion this fall that will bring co-op and multiplayer to the story-based game. Ghost of Tsushima is an action-RPG from Sucker Punch, the same developers that brought fans Sly Cooper and inFamous. The main game revolves around the story of Shimura Sakai, a samurai in Japan amidst the first Mongol Invasion.

The game dabbles into the mythological and mystical side of Japanese culture, but generally maintains grounded in realism. That is expected to change later this year, with a new expansion called Legends coming to Ghost of Tsushima and bringing with it co-op missions, raids, and classes.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends - Announcement Trailer | PS4

No one expected DLC or expansion content for Ghost of Tsushima this soon after its release. Speculation surrounding possible DLC was focused on telling the stories of others in Tsushima during the Mongol invasion. Sucker Punch has done a masterful job with the base game, and their previous title, inFamous: Second Son had a well-received story expansion.

At its core, Ghost of Tsushima is a polished game worthy of praise and admiration. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is geared to defy all expectations, and break into new gaming audiences. 

Your legend (and clan) grows

Initially, the expansion leaked as a co-op that would allow players to team up with one other friend on select missions across Japan. Later, in an official post from PlayStation, Legends was properly announced as an ambitious addition to the story-driven game. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will include 2-player co-op Story Missions that are separate from the standard game, and will focus on Japanese mythology and folklore.

The meat of Legends comes with its other co-op modes, which see 4 players teaming up to take on the Oni and other mystical horrors. The first 4-player mode available to a clan is a wave-based Survival mode, that pits the group against hordes of new and old enemies. There are new supernatural powers that enemies possess which will require some adaptation from the mainline game.

Players can take control of one of the four classes: Ronin, Samurai, Hunter, and Assassin. Each will have specific weapons and armor sets with skills to enable different playstyles.

This is not all that Legends will bring with it. Shortly after release, a 4-player Raid mode will be made available for clans of legends to take on Japanese Mythology in an even more grandiose fashion.

An uncertain future filled with potential

No one knows what to expect from this latest addition to the game. The common theory is that Sucker Punch is testing systems for an expanded Ghost of Tsushima world. Similar to Destiny 2, there will be classes, mob-clearing missions, and eventually, Raids. The addition of gear has not been confirmed, but implementing a gear-system is a logical step.

Ghost of Tsushima Impressions & Action Adventure Game Saturation - SQUADCAST EP02

More than likely Legends is a way for Sucker Punch to test MMORPG and game-as-a-service elements for Ghost of Tsushima. The expansion goes in a completely different direction, but it is one we can be excited about.

Ghost of Tsushima is a beautifully made game that satisfies a single-player story-driven itch. Whether or not Legends is an omen for massive changes, it will be a welcome addition that offers a new experience grounded in Japanese myth and folklore. The PlayStation fanbase has had its fair share of stellar story games, and this adaptation would make leaps and bounds for the new IP. 

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