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The Long Drive – What it is and why you should play it

Have you ever felt like getting in your car and just… driving? Without a destination, not looking at the clock? Well, you are not the only one. Long Drive is a post-apocalyptic survival driving game in which you get to drive through an endless desert, exploring and looking for vital supplies, and you should play it. It’s not new, but I feel like singing its well-deserved praises today, so strap in.

Drive to survive

I don’t know about you guys, but I love survival games. From Scum and Rust to Valheim, I just find it a thrilling experience to scour abandoned gas stations to fill up on gas and groceries, enter water towers to gather water, or raid random garages for car parts. That’s what the gameplay of The Long Drive consists of, mostly. You scavenge the post-apocalypse for items needed to upgrade or fix your car, to continue on the endless journey. You explore or you die, it is that simple.

One of the things that makes this game interesting is how real the car mechanics are. Every car part has its role and all must be properly working in order for the car to run smoothly. In other games, you mostly just need to accelerate to get the car moving; in The Long Drive, you have to check the oil, the fuel tank, and the coolant before hopping into the car. Then, you actually have to release the handbrake and work with the manual shifts. It is more than a game, it feels like a driving simulator. Surviving the apocalypse will be even harder for those of you who can’t drive stick.

Now you might ask yourself what happens if you crash your car, due to your reckless driving or an unfortunate sequence of events. Well, a lot of things can happen. First of all, you can lose or heavily damage vital parts of the car. And guess what – you can’t progress with the game until you fix it up.

Tune in, tune out

You’d think that a game that’s basically an indie driving simulator would overlook the simple details, like the radio, but you’d be wrong. The Long Drive has the most amazing radio station system. You can lose yourself in the content, from odd debates to awesome songs which, by the way, are your mission to upload to the game’s folder. The radio voice acting is so good. At times I felt like I was actually listening to a live radio station.

From time to time, The Long Drive will let you in on some clues about your character’s past. You can randomly open a mailbox and find a letter from your mother asking you to visit her when possible. You will soon find out some of your character’s personality, how much of a loner he is, and why he has chosen to go down the path he is on.

There are other clues that show the world as it had been before the apocalypse, such as random debris and rusty cargo ships abandoned in the middle of the desert, which leads me to believe that there used to be water running through that location at some point.

By the way, The Long Drive supports multiplayer mode, which opens up so many possibilities. You get to chill and race your friends, or meet random other travelers and make new friends in the post-apocalypse.

The Long Drive is definitely a game I recommend if you just want to zone out for a couple of hours and just enjoy a somewhat relaxing and calm survival experience. I have yet to experience what other players are calling the “highway hypnosis”, which is when your body is fully focused on driving but your mind is lost in thought, but I am quite curious to get to that point.

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