The new Avengers games will have original storylines

After the well-received recent Spider-Man films, it’s little surprise Marvel would take their success and run with it. Marvel has two games set to come out in 2020, one being an Iron Man VR game, and the other an official Avengers game. This may seem a little odd to fans of the franchise, as one of the biggest blockbusters of 2019 showed fan-favorite Avengers dying or hanging up their hero duties. So how does Marvel plan to explain these heroes coming back from the dead? With some new Avengers storylines, that’s how.

Marvel’s Avengers

Simply titled Marvel’s Avengers, the game will not follow any comic book or movie story lines. Marvel has created an entirely new and original universe for it to exist in. To reinforce this new setting, the studio has also created comic books to lead up to release, to familiarize fans with what they will experience in the game.

Marvel's Avengers team in game

From the trailer we know that the Avengers are in San Francisco to set up a new headquarters, when a series of attacks on the city happen. The public blames the Avengers for the attacks, and the disgrace forces them into an early retirement. We fast forward five years after the event, and an organization called the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) is taking the place of the Avengers. This is not without controversy, enough of it in fact to bring the Avengers back together. For something put together just for the game, this new narrative sounds satisfyingly similar to previous Avengers storylines.

The Avengers characters appearing in the game are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan. The characters will look somewhat like what fans are used to from the movies, but the developers have taken liberties to create their own interpretations. The original release date was set for March, but it has since been pushed back to Sep. 4, 2020.

Iron Man VR gameplay

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Marvel hasn’t stated what universe or timeline the Iron Man VR game will be in, so it leaves more room for questions. The only thing we know about the new Avengers storylines in it, is that the whole story is supposed to be an original Iron Man adventure.

In the game, Tony Stark is very much alive, and has retired from making weapons to instead develop technology to battle evil as Iron Man. After years of success as a hero, Tony is attacked by a hacker while he’s on a plane to an event. This hacker is known as Ghost, according to the official game website. Ghost is an anti-corporate activist who re-purposes old Stark Industries weapons. In an effort to bring the Stark empire to the ground, Ghost attacks Stark corporate locations all over the world. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is set to release on Feb. 28, 2020.

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