The Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Galactic Challenges are a disappointment

Players have been begging Capital Games to deliver content for months, and it’s finally here! Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Galactic Challenges came to the holotables this week and players feel that their expectations have been met. Reactions can be summed up to one giant “meh” if not a reasonable “ugh”. The rewards are weak and the power creep is real. Capital Games, you have some explaining to do.

swgoh galactic challenges

Firstly, this Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes game mode took months to roll out? It’s a watered down sandbox mode that pigeonholes players, restricting the types of factions and characters used to unlock the “better” rewards. Galactic Challenges was supposed to be the mode that gave daily replayable content that players have been asking for. If there’s any hope, it’s in the label that its currently in a beta testing state.

The rewards are beyond frustrating for the effort and gear needed to 3-star these challenges. The good stuff (Crystals, Kryotech gear, G13 pieces) are all locked behind feats players have to achieve by purely gear investment into particular characters. There’s a strong argument to call this mode paywalled with the relics needed to complete specific feats.

Instead of replacing a fraction of the gear used to relic the toons-of-the-week, why not reward SWGOH players with an abundance of loot to use towards their side-project instead of chasing the meta? The community knows the answer to that question – because giving away freebies doesn’t generate any revenue.

swgoh galactic challenges rewards

Capital Games could improve Galactic Challenges by giving more power and ownership to the players. Give some settings for players to mess with, like tuning the difficulty of the enemies so they can test out their squads in the most likely match-ups they can expect in Grand Arena Championships.

Capital Games could also give the option to eliminate the Global, Player, and Enemy modifiers to give a more authentic experience. The option would be welcomed even if it didn’t reward the player for completing the mode as intended.

Finally, loosen up the feats. They are not interesting and don’t give any higher sense of accomplishment. Get creative by combining unlikely factions or pairing toons that either wouldn’t have met or have been adversaries. Ewoks with Imperial troopers would be a hilarious example. Mandalorian chilling with some Jawas would be funny too. This game mode is all too restrictive and doesn’t offer the opportunity to theorycraft.

swgoh galactic challenges feats

Capital Games, expectations were low and you somehow couldn’t meet them anyway. The SWGOH player base hopes you can regroup and give the players the content they’ve been asking for. Patience is wearing thin and long-time players are continuing their slow exodus from your billion-dollar grossing game.

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