The toughest and most iconic Far Cry bosses (so far)

If you are a fan of the Far Cry series then you already know that Ubisoft likes to center the stories of the saga around the villains. We know the tradition will continue with the recently-announced Far Cry 6 and the amazing reveal of Giancarlo Esposito as Anton Castillo, the main villain of the next game. With this in mind, we think it’s time to talk about the meanest and most difficult bosses of the Far Cry franchise.

Pagan Min

Self-appointed as “The King”, Pagan Min rules over the fictional Himalayan city Kyrat. But don’t let his friendly appearance, polite language, and eccentric clothing trick you. Sure, he wants Kyrat to become a glorious and prosperous city, but if you provoke him (by trying to destroy the planes, for example) you will get to see his true colors.

Pagan Min is a furious opponent, and will not rest a single moment until he has had his revenge… and believe me, you don’t want to be anywhere near when that happens.

The Jackal

We don’t really know how he does it, but The Jackal is always one step ahead of you. At first, he saves you from dying in a sandstorm. Is it possible that this “villain” really wants to help you? Or is it that he wants you to play a game of cat-and-mouse, a game in which he sometimes plays both roles?

Many theories come and go about who really The Jackal is. Could he actually be Jack Carver, the protagonist of Far Cry 1? If this theory is eventually confirmed by Ubisoft, it would be an amazing plot twist.

Joseph Seed

This is arguably my favorite villain. When you manage to “capture” Seed to bring him to justice, you are stopped by hundreds of his followers who will not let you have him so easily. You quickly realize that they’re so devoted, they are willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

The so-called “Peggies” – Seed’s devotees – will be after you relentlessly. You must immediately search for allies to lean on in order to literally destroy the whole empire that Joseph and his family have created. Trust me, this won’t be an easy task.

Vaas Montenegro

Even though Joseph Seed may be my personal favorite, if we are being completely honest the best villain among the bosses in the Far Cry series is Vaas Montenegro. There, I said it.

After Vaas captures Jason Brody – the protagonist of Far Cry 3 – he forms a very close bond with him… for some reason. Vaas tells Jason his plans, and explains how he turned into a true psychopath. And this is where the iconic phrase all Far Cry fans know comes up: “Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?”

Without spoiling the story of this game, we can only say that Vaas Montenegro is the villain par excellence of this saga, and possibly one of the most recognized antagonists in the world of video games.

Now, with the announcement of Far Cry 6, and the reveal of Anton Castillo as the next great villain, we have to ask: will he have what it takes to beat Vaas Montenegro, or at least join him among the most iconic Far Cry bosses in history? We will know the answer to that on Feb. 18, 2021, when Far Cry 6 arrives.

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