Top 10 rarest Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap is a masterpiece for Pokemon fans, especially those of us who played the OG Snap. With over 200 Pokemon to photograph, there are so many interesting Pokemon interactions to capture in photo. Pokemon meat each other in the wild, they eat, sleep, or even fight. Among the 214 available Pokemon, some of them are legendary creatures whose sight is rare and precious. Here is a rundown of the rarest Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.


Mew, the rarest Pokemon of all, makes an appearance in New Pokemon Snap. The legendary Pokemon hides in the Founja Jungle at night. To catch a glimpse of the most popular legendary Pokemon, you will first need to complete the main storyline of New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap Mew
Image by The Pokémon Company.

Once this is done, travel to the Founja Jungle at night and turn around as soon as the Neo-One lands. Play some music to make Mew’s orb appear, and throw a Fluffruit at Mew’s orb to lure the legendary Pokemon out of hiding. Mew likes playing hide and seek, so be ready to snatch quick pictures of the Pokemon before it blinks away.


Shaymin, the grass-type mythical Pokemon from Generation IV, can also be found hiding in New Pokemon Snap. To see him, you will first have to complete the main story line of the game. Once all missions are completed, go back to the Park on Florio Island for a chance to see Shaymin.

New Pokemon Snap Shaymin
Image by The Pokémon Company.

The rare Pokemon can be found taking a nap behind some high grass, or in the middle of the flower field. Shaymin is the only legendary Pokemon available on several levels of the same map, but don’t expect him to wake up by himself.


Celebi appeared in the second generation of Pokemon and is still one of the most mysterious Mythical Pokemon. Celebi came from the future thanks to his time-traveling powers, and this time landed in Lental.


Celebi made his first appearance in New Pokemon Snap in one of the trailers for the game, introduced during Pokemon Presents. To find him in the game, you need to complete the main storyline and travel to the Elsewhere Forest on Belusylva Island.


Ho-oh is the very first legendary Pokemon Ash ever meets in the anime series. This flying fire type Pokemon is the most popular mythical creature from the series, and you can now watch him wander around in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap Ho-Oh
Image by The Pokémon Company.

To get a glimpse of Ho-oh, you need to finish the main storyline. Then, travel to the Fireflow Volcano of Voluca Island to see the majestic Pokemon flying above your head.


The counterpart of Ho-oh, Lugia, is also available in New Pokemon Snap. Lugia is the trio master of the Legendary birds, as well as the game mascot for Pokemon Silver and its remakes.

New Pokemon Snap Lugia
Image by The Pokémon Company.

In New Pokemon Snap, Lugia is roaming the Lental Seafloor of Maricopia Island. A friendly Lanturn will show you the way to Lugia’s lair if you help him out with a couple of Illumina Orbs when he is in trouble. Lugia is peacefully sleeping there, but you can wake him up with Illumina Orbs to take better pictures of this legendary Pokemon.


Suicune is a water-type mythical Pokemon part of the Legendary Beast trio from Generation II, as well as the game mascot for Pokemon Crystal. Catching him in New Pokemon Snap is not as easy as photographing a Magikarp, but it is definitely doable.

New Pokemon Snap Suicune
Image by The Pokémon Company.

Suicune is wandering the Shiver Snowfields, but not on the main road. To find this legendary Pokemon, you will need to unlock several alternative routes and trigger other Pokemon to make Suicune appear. It can even launch its Blizzard attack if you time your Illumina Orbs correctly, for a wonderful 4-star picture.


Diancie made his first appearance in the Pokemon universe with the 6th Generation of pocket monsters. This rock and fairy-type mythical Pokemon is living peacefully on Lental, waiting for you to grab his picture.

New Pokemon Snap Diancie
Image by The Pokémon Company.

To find Diancie, go to the Outaway Cave on Durice Island, discover the alternative routes and play with some Pokemon for a chance for Diancie to come and join the party.


Just like the other Pokemon from this list, Manaphy is a legendary Pokemon you can meet in New Pokemon Snap. The water-type mythical Pokemon from Generation IV is hiding in the Maricopia Reef, especially at night. Keep an eye out and several Illumina Orbs for a chance to see Manaphy.

New Pokemon Snap Manaphy
Image by The Pokémon Company.


Jirachi is a wish Pokemon, based on the concept of wishing upon a star. There is no need to wish for Jirachi to join New Pokemon Snap: the legendary Pokemon is already available in the game.

Jirachi is in the Ruins of Remembrance, sleeping above a statue or playing with other Pokemon. If you wake him up with an Illumina Orb, he will take a cute pose perfect for a photoshoot. Otherwise, you can also trick him into using one of his attacks and snap that 4-star picture.


Last on our list but not in our hearts is Xerneas, the game mascot of Pokemon X. The legendary fairy-type Pokemon is in the Ruins of Remembrance, more specifically in its Illumina Spot. Hit the flying sphere from this map with Illumina Orbs to reveal Xerneas. You can also trigger Xerneas to attack and take one of the most incredible 4-star pictures in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap Xerneas
Image by The Pokémon Company.

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