Top 13 cutest New Pokemon Snap photos taken by players

Gotta Snap Em All!

New Pokemon Snap is the gaming serotonin boost the world needed. Equipped with just a camera and cart full of fruits, photographers from around the world have flocked to the Lental Region to fill their Photodex with some truly beautiful photos. We check out the cutest photos captured so far by New Pokemon Snap players!

One of the shots I adore the most! The framing, the rule of thirds… It’s practically renaissance art?! from NewPokemonSnap

New Pokemon Snap could make Bidoof Snap the sequel, and people would buy it. Give the fans what they want! More Bidoof!

And here we see a wild Wurmple. Just a majestic creature. from NewPokemonSnap

How can anybody stay mad at Emolga photobombs? Sure, I didn’t get the shot I wanted, but this is totally the shot I needed.

Took this earlier today, this game is so much fun from NewPokemonSnap

This right here is amore. That and when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.

Someone ate too many apples 😅 from NewPokemonSnap

“Ima take a nap right here! Ugh goodnight!”

Two little Pikachu butts. Could anything be more pure? 😭 from NewPokemonSnap

One of the few instances where the Instax printer was well worth the money.

When you accidentally put your phone camea on selfie mode from NewPokemonSnap

I WISH this is what it looked like when I accidentally hit selfie mode.

One of my fave shots <3 from NewPokemonSnap

Grookey looks like it gave Pichu a Warheads sour candy!

One Of My Best Accidental Snaps from NewPokemonSnap

Passing gas has never looked cute until this very Wooper moment.

Hey Guys! I Found A Treasure! from pokemonsnap

Piplup deserves all the praise for finding that shell! 13.5/10

Dance, Furret, Dance! from pokemonsnap

Check out those cute Furret toe-beans!

I Present A Whopper Of A Gift from pokemonsnap

Delibird is the gift that keeps on giving!

Nerd Quagsire from pokemonsnap

I can’t look at Quagsire the same ever again. Fans need to start a petition to make large circle glasses and a bowtie the norm.

The most polite Vulpix smile from pokemonsnap

While we’re at it, let’s make another petition for Nintendo to create IRL Vulpix. The world NEEDS this.

New Pokemon Snap has only just started, but these are some of the cutest New Pokemon Snap photos we could find so far. Keep checking back with SQUAD for more Pokemon community content!

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