What your starfighter choice in Star Wars: Squadrons says about you

Starfighters are the bread and butter of Star Wars: Squadrons. Each starfighter has their own playstyle and serves their own role. The Interceptor class starfighters – like the A-Wing – focus on speed and maneuverability. Meanwhile, Support class ships like the Tie Reaper focus on buffing and helping their teammates. So what does your starfighter choice in Star Wars: Squadrons say about you?

X-Wing and Tie Fighter

The fighter starfighters are the jack of all trades ships in Star Wars: Squadrons. If you play the X-Wing or Tie Fighter, you like to be a versatile player. You’d rather be well rounded and dependably than specialize in one specific area. If this is your choice, you are a super flexible person. Or you may just be a fan of Red Squadron and the Original Star Wars trilogy.

Y-Wing and Tie Bomber

The bombers focus on taking out the big capital ships and other high value targets. They are also some of the toughest starfighters in the galaxy. If you play the bombers, you are probably a tank player in every other competitive game you play. You like to be in the thick of the battle, feeling invincible and soaking up damage for the team. For you, the best offense is a solid defense.

better pilot Star Wars: Squadrons

A-Wing and Tie Interceptor

The interceptor starfighters are the speedy boys of Star Wars: Squadrons. You prefer speed and maneuverability over being able to take a few extra blaster shots. Along with this speed, you enjoy having the upper hand in a dogfight. This is definitely the choice of the more competitive-minded people. We can definitely see you recording your plays for highlight reels.

U-Wing and Tie Reaper

The support ships focus on buffing and supporting their allies. If you play a support starfighter in Star Wars: Squadrons, then you like to be a team player. You like to put others first, and aren’t a selfish person. Whatever the team needs, you have it or are willing to go get it. We could probably catch you volunteering on the weekend, and we love that.

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