Which Crucible hunters have the best mobility?

Mobility is key in every competitive action game, and especially so in Crucible. The game has a large map, and players often find themselves running from one objective to the next across large distances. I set out to figure out who on the current cast of hunters has the best mobility and can cover the most ground fast.

When working out who is the ‘best’ at anything, it is important to set up some parameters. I tested each character in Practice mode, doing a speed test. I ran each character from the Harvester to the Hive, at both level 1 and level 5, with level 5 runs using the build with all the movement upgrades possible. Movement abilities were used to achieve optimal timing. Each test was run 3 times to get an average.

Base movement speed stats were provided by the official Crucible Wiki.

movement in Crucible
Tosca, Summer, Earl, Captain Mendoza and Bugg


Base speed: 6.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 20.16 & 20.16

While Ajonah has one of the highest base movement speeds in the game. Her Grappling Hook is less focused on distance and more about the omnidirectional movement. The ability is best used in more open spaces, and takes time to get the hang of.

If you tried Ajonah in the Practice mode and were left underwhelmed, this may have been because the Practice area is not the best proving ground for her. To get a true feeling of her mobility and skills, you need to take her to the jungles of Crucible.


Base speed: 4.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 21.3 & 16.11

Bugg’s movement ability is a straightforward boost, with a little bit of vertical lift. What players may find hard about this ability is managing the resource bar, which must meet the minimum threshold to utilize Thrusters. At level 2, Bugg gets a base movement speed buff, and at level 5 you get a strong initial boost on the use of the Thrusters. Overall, Bugg can go from an average to a fairly mobile hunter if that’s how you want to play.


Base speed: 6.0 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 16.92 &16.92

Drakahl has great movement, which is needed with him being a melee character. His movement ability, Rush, allows him to close large gaps. The cooldown can be reduced with the upgrade Second Wind at level 1. Drakahl’s passive, Jink, allows him to boost himself further in the direction he’s moving, which is helpful while Rush is on cooldown.


Base Speed: 6.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 15.95 & 15.95

Earl’s Afterburner allows him to jet forward with limited control, and is one of the longest lasting movement abilities in Crucible. While it’s also on a long cooldown, its duration very much makes up for that.

One thing to keep in mind when using Afterburner, is that Earl’s fairly large model can sometimes get caught on rock lips and other terrain.

movement in Crucible


Base speed: 5.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 18.07 & 18.07

Mendoza’s movement ability, Sprint, just gives him a flat movement speed buff. Similar to Soldier 76 from Overwatch, Sprint is a toggled ability with no cooldown. It is  by far the most lackluster movement ability in the game, but it gets the job done with no need to wait for a cooldown.


Base speed: 6.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 24.07 & 24.07

Boy, do I want to love this character, but it is just so hard to. Rahi is difficult to play well, and movement is the one department he is especially lacking in. While he can teleport to Brother, the time to set up Brother is slow. The ability should not be used carelessly – save it as a way to escape from fights you’re losing.

Rahi’s ability to super jump can be useful for scaling ledges, but ultimately he may be the weakest character when it comes to overall mobility.

movement in Crucible
Rahi & Brother


Base speed: 5.5 m/s (pistol stance) & 8.5 m/s (sword stance)
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 18.3 & 18.3

On paper, it seems like Shakirri is one of the worst Crucible hunters when it comes to mobility. Lacking a designated movement ability, her only speed boost comes from Sword Stance’s passive effect. While you can use Disrupting Strike to close small gaps, the lock-out time at the end of the animation can slow you down. Shakirri also lacks upgrades to her mobility.


Base speed: 5.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 16.12 & 14.9

Summer can use her primary movement ability often, and she can chain all three of her abilities to get some decent air. However, her mobility is limited when it comes to team fighting. Her Firepulse Thrusters utilize a hefty chunk of her heat meter, thus not letting you jump around a team fight super often if you want to use your other abilities.

At level 4, the recovery time from overheating is decreased, meaning ability lockout doesn’t last as long. Level 5 increases Summer’s max heat, meaning using Firepulse Thrusters is less penalizing.

Overall, Summer is a fast hunter with both good vertical movement and decent speed. While in combat, however, she can’t fully take advantage of her mobility if she wants to be an effective fighter.


Base speed: 6.0 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 19.63 & 16.36

Having a dash on a low cooldown is basically a necessity for Sazan, especially with a third of her kit revolving around close quarters combat. At level 2, her shotgun gives her a speed boost, meaning she can traverse the map more easily. At level 4 she gets an additional charge of Jet Dash, which significantly improves Sazan’s mobility.


Sazan has no access to vertical mobility, but she is reasonably fast. When using her out of combat, remember to switch out of the shotgun immediately after pulling it out – the speed buff will persist, and the shotgun will go on cooldown, letting you use it again sooner.


Base speed: 4.5 m/s
Average run time, level 1 & level 5: 17.36 & 14.42

It was surprising to me that Tosca had the slowest base move speed. I think this was something I overlooked due to her high mobility with her dash. The increase to Blink distance was not very noticeable in the test runs. At Level 4, Tosca gets a third Blink charge which increases his overall mobility quite a bit. Note, that although Blink lets Tosca pass through solid objects, she cannot Blink vertically, only forward.

Final thoughts

I don’t think we can pinpoint one hunter as having the best mobility in Crucible. With unique movement abilities and kits that cater to different playstyles, it is up to you to find which character fits you, and then use their mobility to your preference. However, I will go out on a limb and say that Rahi has the least amount of mobility in the game, while Tosca is the fastest – on paper, anyway.

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