Why can’t I modify the booty on my PGA Tour 2K21 MyPlayer?

PGA Tour 2K21 MyPlayer customization has gone deep with choices. Right from the get-go, you can adjust and flip through the sliders and presets offered to create how your MyPlayer looks in the game. I’m not trying to be crass here, but there’s a huge glaring omission in the player customization options. Where’s the slider for PGA Tour 2K21 MyPlayer booty?

There should be more outrage that you can’t give your player a Pixar mom dump truck of a booty. This is a scandal of dummy thicc proportions.

PGA Tour 2K21 MyPlayer
Screenshot from YouTube User: jim gem

Lets do a quick dive of what some of the PGA Tour 2K21 MyPlayer customization options are available:

  • MyPlayer can flip through a menu of preset haircuts, with the ability to fully customize which layers you’d want colored. Go hot pink or radioactive green if you want!
  • You can dress in Adidas, Callaway, Under Armour, and Ralph Lauren clothing.
  • Choose between eye colors. Players can opt for rainbow colored irises or cat eyes.

PGA Tour 2K21 is trying to give power to the players by letting them choose who they want to be. If we really had the power, we should be able to call on the golf gods to bless us with a massive backside that may or may not contribute to the torque needed to drive the ball hundreds of yards down the fairway.

While I have called out PGA Tour 2K21 over Twitter, 2K Sports haven’t yet reached out on the current sins of the game. Is it possible that the developers are afraid of the plumpness that would flood the servers? Are they trying to crush body positivity? I for one would welcome the variety of body types in-game.


Every great movement needs a rallying cry. Call out 2K Sports on Twitter over the hashtag #PGA2K21MissingBooty. Players need to light the fire under their butts to truly make the change they want. We’re not asking for Conan Exiles and Cyberpunk 2077 levels of NSFW character customization sliders, we just want to make our butts bigger without increasing our weight. Let us be our slim-thick or thicc selves that we deserve to be.

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