Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – April 10

This week in Wordle was not as challenging as the last one. There were some pretty easy answers to find out, with only a couple of words that were harder to guess. Here are the Wordle words of this week, ranked by difficulty.

Stair – April 9

Stair was the easiest word to guess this week, with five unique letters among the most common ones, and two vowels.

Black – April 10

Black was also an easy word to guess. Even if it features a single vowel, black is common enough for most players to find it.

Scare – April 8

Scare wasn’t a complicated Wordle answer either. There are no weird letters in this world, so it shouldn’t scare most players.

Shawl – April 4

Shawl raises this week’s difficulty slightly. Even if it has five unique letters, shawl is not a word most of us use on a daily basis. It can take a few more guesses to find this word.

Foray – April 7

Just like shawl, foray is not a complicated word to spell, but a tough one to guess.

Comma – April 6

Comma was the second most complicated Wordle answer to find this week. Its two consecutive M are not easy to guess, and it ends with an A, which is pretty uncommon.

Natal – April 5

Natal was the hardest Wordle word of the week. Not only does it feature the same vowel twice, but it is not a common word anyone would think about on a first guess.

Stay tuned to SQUAD to discover the Wordle words of next week!

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