Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – June 12

This week was awful for Wordle fans. While the first week of June went easy on us, difficulty seriously ramped up this week. Most answers had duplicate letters and were just not common enough to be a starting word. Here are the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Float – June 12

Float was the easiest Wordle word of this week. It features unique letters, two vowels, and is common enough so you should find it pretty easily.

Piety – June 10

Piety also has unique letters but raises the number of vowels to a total of 3. You should have a few yellow letters from your starting word to help you find piety.

Trait – June 8

Trait features the same letter twice, which is always a struggle when you need to find a Wordle answer. But this word is common enough for you to guess it after a few tries.

Girth – June 9

Girth doesn’t have duplicate letters, but that doesn’t make it any easier to guess. You may have a few yellow letters and find the final TH, but there are so many words with those letters it could take a few guesses to narrow your answer to girth.

Flood – June 7

Flood has the same vowel twice, but this word is common for all gamers and geeks. Who never wished others stopped flooding a chat? So while flood may not be your first pick, you may eventually think about this word.

Gloom – June 6

Wordle sure likes words with double O this week. Gloom is slightly harder to guess than flood and may risk wrecking your winning streak.

Goose – June 11

Three is the magic number, so Wordle offered a third word containing the vowel O twice.

Stay tuned to SQUAD to discover the Wordle words of next week.

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