Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – June 26

This week in Wordle was fairly easy. Most answers were common and featured unique letters so we often had a few yellow letters from the starting word. Here are the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Input – June 20

The week started with the easiest word on this list. Input is rather easy to guess, and if you already plugged anything into a computer, console, or TV, you should be able to think about this word quite fast.

Awful – June 22

The answer for June 22 was awful. Luckily, unlike its definition, awful is an easy word to guess.

Smite – June 24

Most gamers should be able to find this one. Smite is a popular battle arena and features unique letters so it shouldn’t be too much of a headache to guess.

Rusty – June 26

Are your Wordle skills getting rusty? This answer was not the most complicated one. All letters are common enough to be part of your starting word, so you probably found rusty in a few tries.

Brink – June 23

I hope this Wordle answer didn’t put you on the brink of ending your winning streak. With a single vowel and a final K, this wasn’t an easy Wordle word to guess.

Beady – June 25

If words with a single vowel are tough to guess, so are the Wordle answers with way too many vowels. Beady is not the easiest word to find, even if the final Y is common in many words.

Gloat – June 21

The hardest Wordle word of this week was gloat. None of its letters are really common, and gloating is never cool anyway.

Stay tuned to SQUAD to find the Wordle answers of next week!

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