Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – June 5

Last week was tough for Wordle enthusiasts. But luckily, the first week of June featured easier Wordle answers – except for June 4. Here are the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Manor – May 31

The easiest Wordle answer of the week was manor. Unique letters, two vowels, and probably a few yellow guesses from your starting word.

Creak – June 1

June has a smooth start for Wordle lovers. The first word to find this month is creak: a common word with unique letters and vowels. Perfect.

Showy – June 2

The second day of June isn’t any harder. The Wordle answer of this day is showy, a word common enough for most players to guess it.

Phase – June 3

Phase was also quite easy to guess. Sure, it starts with PH. But that is not a major issue and you should be able to find this one fairly quickly.

Atoll – May 30

Atoll raises the difficulty of the Wordle words of this week. It may take a few guesses to understand there are two L at the end of this word. Hopefully, atoll didn’t bring a L to your winning streak.

Depth – June 5

If depth doesn’t feature the same letter twice, it only contains a single vowel. Narrowing down to this word will take more than a single try.

Froth – June 4

Froth was the hardest Wordle answer of this week. With a single vowel and a F, it may take a few guesses before finding this one.

Stay tuned to SQUAD to discover the Wordle words of next week.

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