Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – March 27, 2022

Even if you have the best starting word in Wordle, some guesses are harder to find than others. This week had a mix of pretty easy words and some almost impossible ones. Here are all the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Their – March 21

The week started off pretty well. The daily Wordle answer was Their, which isn’t the hardest word to guess. Even if you are not a native English speaker, you could find that one. And at least, no one can put in They’re as a guess.

Depot – March 25

Depot was also a pretty easy Wordle answer. If most players won’t use Depot as a starting word, it features some of the most commonly used letters in the alphabet.

Chest – March 24

While Chest is slightly harder to guess than Depot, it is a common word most players can guess. Unlike the two hardest Wordle words of this week.

Purge – March 23

Purge puts the bar a little higher, with fewer common letters. It still features unique letters and two vowels. While it may take a few guesses to find it, Purge is not a complete Wordle nightmare.

Epoch – March 26

Epoch is harder to find than the previous Wordle answers of this week. But it remains doable, with two common vowels, E and O.

Nymph – March 27

Ranking the two most difficult Wordle words of the week is quite a challenge. But here it comes, at the second position: Nymph. This word features none of the most used vowels, making it way harder to get a yellow letter on your first try. If Lymph made it to our list of terrible starting words to make Wordle harder, Nymph would also deserve an honorable mention.

Slosh – March 22

The worst Wordle word we had to guess this week is Slosh. Unless you are British and use this word often when you fight with your mates, chances are you wouldn’t even think about using Slosh in Wordle. Slosh is a verb that defines the noise a liquid makes when it moves in a container against a solid, just like Splash. Who would use that as a starting word in Wordle? With two S and a single O as a vowel, Slosh is not an easy word to guess.

That concludes the list of all the Wordle words of this week, ranked by difficulty. Stay tuned to Squad to find out about next week’s Wordle answers!

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