Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – May 1

This week in Wordle was way harder than the weeks before. While a few words were relatively easy to guess, some were a real headache that could ruin your win streak. Here are the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Heist – April 26

The easiest Wordle answer of the week was heist. And if it is the easiest Wordle word to guess, it is still relatively tough to find on the first try.

Trash – April 29

I’m not saying the Wordle words of this week were trash, but it was the answer of April 29. This word is pretty common so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it, even though it features a single vowel.

Askew – April 25

Things are getting more complicated with askew. If this Wordle answer features two vowels and may offer a few yellow letters on your first try, the rest of the letters take longer to find.

Shown – April 27

Wordle words with a single letter are usually harder to find, since most starting words use several vowels. Shown not only has a single vowel, but it also includes other letters that may be yellow but probably not green on your first guess.

Larva – April 30

If words with a single vowel are hard to find, those with the same vowel twice are even worse. Larva is one of those, and it features a V that makes it even harder to find on a few guesses.

Zesty – April 28

Who would guess zesty on their first try? If the final Y may be common, few words start with Z. This Wordle answer was a headache, and it’s not even the most complicated Wordle word of the week.

Forgo – May 1

The worst Wordle answer of this week was forgo. Not only does it feature the same vowel twice, but it’s not an A or E that would fit in most words. It also includes an F and a G that aren’t among the most common letters in Wordle answers.

Stay tuned to SQUAD to discover the Wordle words of next week!

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