Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – May 15

The Wordle words of this week caused some controversy, and The New York Times had to change the daily answer two days in a row to avoid drama – more on that below. Here are the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Metal – May 14

Metal was the easiest word to guess this week. It features some of the most common letters, including two vowels that are probably part of your starting word.

Shine OR Fetus – May 9

The answer of May 9 caused some political trouble. The initial answer for the day was fetus. But as the Supreme Court is currently planning on overruling Roe vs. Wade to ban reproductive rights, this Wordle answer caused controversy. The New York Times, which owns Wordle, decided to change the daily answer to shine. Whether you had to go for fetus or shine, these words were both easy to guess.

Tipsy – May 13

Tipsy is not a tough word to find out, even if it may not be your first guess. The final Y is rather common and as this Wordle answer came out on a Friday, chances are you are looking forward to being a little tipsy.

Farce – May 11

If farce has unique letters and two common vowels, it is still harder to guess than the other words previously mentioned.

Gecko OR Butch – May 10

Just like on the day prior, Wordle had two distinct answers on May 10. The initial answer was butch, but since that word can be used as a pejorative to refer to queer women, The New York Times changed the daily Wordle answer to gecko.

Slung – May 12

Slung is not an easy Wordle answer to find out. It contains a single U as a vowel and letters like L, N, and G that may not be in your starting word.

Yield – May 15

Yield is the hardest Wordle word of this week. Starting with a Y and with three consecutive vowels, yield is not an easy answer to guess.

Stay tuned to SQUAD to discover the Wordle words of next week!

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