Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – May 29

The Wordle words of this week are not the easiest answers we had had to find to date. While all the words were common, most of them had duplicate letters, a single vowel, or even four vowels in a five-letter word. Here are the Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty.

Album – May 24

The easiest Wordle answer of this week was album. Five unique letters, two vowels, and a common word: the perfect way to keep a Wordle winning streak alive.

Vouch – May 25

Vouch was also quite easy to guess. It may not be your starting word, but with unique letters and two vowels, you probably had a few yellow letters on your first try.

Hinge – May 23

Hinge remains in the easy category of the Wordle words of the week. The starting H is a bit tricky, but after a few rounds, you probably placed it correctly.

Asset – May 26

Asset is a common word, but it features the same letter twice. It makes it slightly harder to guess, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to find this answer.

Tiara – May 27

Just like asset, tiara features the same letter twice. And unless you are a beauty queen or king, you may not think about tiara as a starting word.

Crept – May 28

Wordle decided to crush our winning streaks on May 28. Crept was the Wordle answer of that day. Sure, it has unique letters. But using the past tense of a verb is a low blow, Wordle.

Bayou – May 29

Right as we still recover from the answer of May 28, crept, Wordle gives us another tough word on the following day: bayou. Four vowels are the perfect way to ruin a streak and make us scratch our heads longer than needed. Some of you may have even more reasons to resent this word.

That’s it for the Wordle words of this week! Stay tuned to SQUAD for more gaming news and to discover the Wordle answers for next week.

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