5 awesome MMOs coming out in 2020

MMOs have been around for ages and I absolutely love them. There is something magical about having a bunch of players coming together to do dungeons or kill world-class bosses. The communities are vibrant, the main campaign quests have thrilling stories, and you get to be one of many awesome-looking classes or races.

However, we have all had our share of disappointing MMOs over the years. To spare you that pain, I’m sharing my list of the most promising and anticipated MMOs coming out in 2020.

New World

First up on our MMOs of 2020 list is New World. This fantasy MMO is set up in an alternate version of the 17th century. The game is set on a magic-infused island which contains many historical periods in time. It’s not a simple MMO, but a mix between classic MMORPG and a survival game.

The goal in New World is not to become the greatest fighter in the open world, but to pursue whatever you like. That means if you want to be a blacksmith, then you can aim to become the best blacksmith. You’ll even be able to form alliances and set up camps on the island.

You have a lot of freedom in the game and to be honest, that is incredibly exciting, in my opinion. New World is set to be released in May 2020, so soon enough we’ll all be able to try it our first hand!

New World: Aeternum Aguarda

Last Oasis

Coming up sometime in Spring 2020 is Last Oasis. This MMO by Donkey Crew kinda reminds me of a mix between Mortal Engines and Mad Max, which are both about a distopian post-apocalyptic worlds. Last Oasis is set in a future Earth where the planet is no longer spinning, so there are only two very extreme environments: one scorching hot, and the other a frozen wasteland.

Any player who wishes to survive in this god awful world will have to learn how to build machines, gather resources and defeat other players for the resources they couldn’t gather peacefully. It’s rumored that the in-game economy will be very much player-driven, like that of Archeage Unchained, which means there will be inflation and other events to contend with.

So, if post-apocalyptic games are your thing, then Last Oasis is something to look forward to.

Last Oasis - Steam Announcement Trailer

Project TL

One of my favorite upcoming MMOs for 2020 is Project TL. It looks AMAZING, and if the story is anything like what they are promoting, then goodbye sunlight, because I will be stuck to my computer 24/7. Project TL has abilities I’ve never before seen in other games, a vibrant art style, and an awesome top-down perspective that isn’t very common in MMOs.

It was announced ages ago in 2011, and the wait has annoyed a lot of excited fans, but nevertheless, it looks as though it might be worth the wait.

Project TL - Official Gameplay Trailer 2018


I am SO excited for CorePunk. It was announced just a few months ago, and it’s set to be released some time in 2020. From what I’ve seen of the game, it has a really strong Diablo/World of Warcraft vibe, but in a cyberpunk setting. It’s open world and supposedly filled with wild action at every corner.

My favorite part about CorePunk is the in-game activities, like crafting, looting, instance dungeons and so on. Plus, there will be branching quests with alternate endings, which is definitely something we don’t see enough in MMOs.

Corepunk (MMORPG) Official Announcement Trailer


Last but definitely not least is Crowfall. This ArtCraft-developed game is pretty much like a Game of Thrones simulator, where players fight each other for the rights to the throne. It will have a 5-world system, with each world having different rules. The in-game economy is player-driven, which means players can get rich and build their own merchant empires.

Crowfall is actually already available for early access sign-ups. You can register on the game’s official site.

And so ends my list of the most anticipate, big hype MMOs to be released in 2020. How many did you already know about? And which ones do you look forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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