5 combat tips for Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Today we will be looking intoZombie Army 4: Dead War, a game which has been around since last February but I’m still having quite a lot of fun with. I’ve prepared a quick combat guide, to help you kick some Nazi zombie ass! First thing to keep in mind, is that this Rebellion franchise has a lot of new features combat-wise. That means you need to know all there is to know before venturing into bigass boss monster fights.

So, ready for a Zombie Army 4 combat guide? Let’s do it!

Become the king/queen of improvisation

Everyone familiar with the unavoidable zombie apocalypse knows, that improvising is the key to success. In Zombie Army 4, this is an essential skill. The game is quite hardcore, and by no means will it go easy on you if you don’t use your brain. Sure, it is important to always have extra ammo and supplies, but you have to be ready to improvise whenever necessary.

Did you run out of ammo? Search the ground around you and look for a possible melee weapon. Is the enemy on the ground? Save your ammo and stomp the hell out of them instead!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War combat guide

While we are on the subject of stomping enemies, I should mention that stomping enemies won’t just save your ammo. In fact, crushing enemies in Zombie Army 4 might actually reveal hidden supplies inside them. You might actually find a medkit, or even ammo in a zombie’s guts.

Pick the right weapons

The game was made to adjust to each player’s gameplay style. You will always have three weapons with you, and you should make sure you have the best ones for your gameplay style.

Your main weapon will always be a sniper rifle, and there are three to choose from. The first is the Gewehr 43. When this weapon is fired, the shots will become electrically charged, which will take out every enemy nearby. When you are fighting hordes, this weapon is simply amazing. Then we have the Mosin-Nagant M91/30. The name is hard to pronounce correctly, but the weapon is quite easy to use! It has explosive shots, which is pretty great for dealing with large mobs.

Last but not least is the M1 Garand, my absolute favorite gun in Zombie Army 4! It is quite the normal rifle in all respects, except one: it has a flame barrel! I have always liked flame weapons in games. so naturally this is my favorite one. I find the M1 Garand best as a primary, solely because it is the most balanced out of the three sniper rifles. The fire rate and recoil on the M1 are much better than the others, and as you upgrade it, the flames will have a much greater impact on the enemy.

Which secondary weapon you choose matters just as much. You can rock the hell out of that sniper rifle from a distance, but if you’ve got an enemy closing in or if you’re in a house with little space to move around in, then the right secondary weapon might just save your life. Every secondary weapon has its advantages and you should choose the best one for you specifically.

First, there are shotguns. These cause a lot of damage to zombies, but they have one obvious downside: the reload time is very slow. If you are facing just one enemy, the shotgun might be a good option, but when facing multiple enemies, it’s definitely a no-no. Then you have the assault rifles, which have a better fire rate and reload time, but they also have their own disadvantages.

That being said, among all the choices in the game – shotguns, M30 Drilling, MP44, Trench Gun and Thompson Tommy gun – my favorite is the last one, for obvious reasons. The Tommy gun might not be great from a distance – but that’s why you have the M1 for. In short range combat, the Tommy gun wrecks, and even deals double damage when the Divine mod is charged!

For your final gun you will have to choose between the C96 with the flame barrel, the M1911 with the Divine mod, and the MKVI with an explosive mod. All options are great, but I prefer the M1911, simply because I love the Divine mod. Plus, you can add a scope on the pistol.

Stay loyal to your build

Zombie Army 4 offers different builds that could work in many different occasions, but I really advise you to stick to one. Instead of spreading your resources and perks through different builds, it’s better if you focus all on one single build. Trust me, it will make your life a lot easier.

Also, being consistent with your build will allow for a feeling of comfort, as you will always know what you have in your inventory. Plus, as you level up, you will unlock better perks and even more perk slots.

Always keep throwables with you

This isn’t a mandatory tip, but I highly recommend it. As we all know from movies and games, zombies tend do move in hordes. Keeping grenades on you at all times is just smart. Instead of wasting a lot of ammo, you can just throw a frag, incendiary, electrical or – best of all – a Tellar grenade! These last ones work kind of like mines. You set them on the floor and whenever zombies get too close, they are vaporized.

Look out for Special Zombies

The final point in this Zombie Army 4 combat guide may seem obvious, but I have to stress it: don’t underestimate Special Zombies. Now, you won’t be seeing special zombies in the beginning of the game, but as you progress further into the main story, they will begin to show up.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War combat guide

They are different than normal zombies and obviously are harder to kill. They come in all sizes and shapes and have special abilities. Some have the ability to enrage the normal zombies, others even carry weapons. It’s not an easy task taking them down and it’s important that you prioritize killing them first.

I hope this Zombie Army 4: Dead War combat guide has helped you out! Stick around for more Zombie Army 4 content!

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