The 3 most expensive cosmetic items in games ever

Most of us usually don’t like to spend our money on expensive in-game items, especially if they are only cosmetic. But sometimes we can afford to splurge a little, although likely not as much as the people who bought the items on this list.

A quick warning: there have been many more expensive in-game items sold (like Planet Calypso in Entropia), but since they had actual use and provided players with an added experience, we won’t be counting them today.

The AWP Dragon Lore is the most expensive cosmetic item ever sold

AWP Dragon Lore Skadoodle Signature

We already know that people love them some CS:GO weapon skins, but when you look them up you likely won’t find much besides knives that go for 1400$ at most on the marketplace. But this beauty right here sold for a whopping 61,052$. You are probably now wondering why someone would spend 60 grand on a cosmetic item, especially in a frustrating game that is full of cheaters.

Well, the signature is the one adding on those extra zeroes at the end. Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham was a player of Cloud9 and he used the original skin (without the signature) in his last game of the Boston Major in 2018. After this huge success, Valve made stickers out of Skadoodle’s signature and put it on the skin. Since then Skadooodle has retired from competitive CS:GO indefinitely, which makes this skin even more valuable.

I would say that this is fairly reasonable, as it has sentimental value to some people at the very least because they are so emotionally invested in the team. But the next two items on this list are slightly more confusing to a normal person.

Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog

Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog

Dota 2 players use couriers to transport items into the lanes, straight to the hero. It’s a really useful thing, but you don’t need to spend real money on them, only in-game currency. That is unless you want that courier to go up in bright pink flames, which is what this highly expensive cosmetic item is supposed to do.

This skin sold for 38,000$! According to the seller, this is because this courier is made up of a very sought-after combination of color, type, and effect. Right now only 4 of these exist in the game. Its rarity is the main factor behind why this item is so valuable.

16,000$ Sword from Age of Wulin

Sword with strong characteristics

I’m sorry, but that’s the best description I can come up with because this item makes zero sense to a normal person. There is a game called Age of Wulin (I don’t blame you if you didn’t know about it) which came out in 2012. Before release, the developers put up several auctions of in-game items. One of them was “Sword”. That’s it. Not “Reaper of Souls” or “Breathtaker” or at least something mildly intimidating or edgy. Just “Sword”.

It stood out during the auction because it “had very strong characteristics” and it was the only one available. So someone bought it for 16,000$. Imagine spending that much on a cosmetic item in a game that hasn’t even come out yet and didn’t even turn out to be that popular afterward. Wherever you are now, Sword owner, I hope those characteristics were strong indeed.

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