The Division 2 Specializations guide

Which role is right for you?

The Division 2 specializations can get a little confusing once you get past the big weapons they give you. If you’re looking to get a little more in tune to the role you serve, I’ll help you make sense of the trees.


The Demolitionist focuses on big boom n’ long range doom, taking no regard for things like “aim” or “collateral damage”. The Demo sports an artillery turret, grenade launcher, frag grenade and Diceros Special revolver as class weapons.

They get an armor repair and weapon handling boost, 20% burn resistance and a group damage bonus out of cover.  When you inevitably break armor, your main weapon replenishes ammo so you can suppress your way out of danger. You can also get a scaling explosive damage buff, because you clearly didn’t do enough damage the first time.

Oh yeah, and you get to ignore explosions – every 60 seconds – like a 90s action movie tough guy.


The Gunner has a big ass minigun that they can just strut around with while also confusing enemies with the Banshee Pulse and  – an admittedly kind of lame by comparison – P320 XCompact sidearm. They also get a riot foam grenade, because cotton candy tastes delicious.

Their armor kit bonus is a 50% bonus armor buff for 10 seconds. They also have the ability to gain percent scaling armor on kill. When you get a kill as this buff-boi, you gain a 5% fire rate increase for the next five seconds. If you’re some kind of LMG fiend like me and you get a multi-kill without letting go of the trigger, you add one ammo to your group’s ammo.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think the best part of the specializations is emulating everyone’s favorite Team Fortress 2 characters.

TF2 The Division
He has big gun. It is big. That’s it.


The Technician is like the Demolitionist, but if you for whatever reason cared about being “accurate” or whatever. They wield an explosive six-shooter in the form of a rocket launcher, the Maxim 9 integrally suppressed pistol, EMP grenades, and the Artificer Hive to repair and boost ally skill performance.

They focus for a Technician is on taking out enemy robotics and skill proxies, as well as boosting theirs and their allies’ skill performance. Armor kits affect allied skill proxies like drones and turrets, repairing any within 10 meters. The Artificer Hive has its own boost effects applied in a 10 meter radius as well. There are separate spots for percent scaling skill power, damage and healing respectively. When you have a skill deployed, allies within 5 meters will become immune to shock and disruption. And finally, destroying enemy robotics, drones and skill proxies will fill up 1 ammo each if you’re running low on missiles.

By now you can probably tell that some Specializations  in The Division 2 are more team oriented than others. What’s nice is they all have at least one way to aid your squad mates in combat. What that means is that if you don’t have any allies,  you should seek some out! You’ll end up performing better and working off of each other’s skills more.


The Survivalist is pretty much for you if you played Call of Duty: Black Ops using the explosive crossbow. This specialization uses – you guessed it – an explosive crossbow on a timed detonator. You can stick the bolt to anything – even directly on an enemy to make them panic for the rest of their – significantly shortened – life. On top of that you get the D50 sidearm and armor healing seeker mines. And oh, how could I forget the incendiary grenades – because screw that guy and everything around them, right?

Survivalists get scaling protection from elites and an armor kit bonus affecting allies within 10 metres, which used to be instant but that’s no longer the case. You gain 5 ammo/sec for your wielded firearm during cover-to-cover combat, and killing stat-affected enemies fills 3 ammo slots.

Survivalist Ammo ability
Every Specialization has a skill like this where you can regain ammo for yourself or your squad


The Sharpshooter sports a kickass TAC-50C sniper rifle and Sharpshooters 93R burst pistol with some flashbangs. Serving more of a support role than the others, they also get a recon drone. The drone detects all enemies within an area around the player – it can also be sent to a specific point. It kind of acts like a recon-disco-ball, and I love it.

Using armor cleanses status effects and increases bleed, poison and burn resistance for 20 seconds. You gain scaling headshot damage with marksman/regular rifles, and will regen 5 ammo every 10 seconds in cover. It is important to note, that it only takes effect after 20 seconds in cover. You also gain extra armor in cover and headshots will add two special ammo to your count.


The newest specialization in The Division 2 – Firewall is bestowed a kickass flamethrower and shield that can be dual-wielded like a f**kin tank. You also get the Firestarter sawed off shotgun – which also increases the chances an enemy will catch fire… somehow?

GUESS WHAT KIND OF GRENADE HE HAS? It’s a cluster. He gets cluster grenades. Some pretty poor planning went into giving the Survivalist the incendiary grenades.

Firewall gains scaling health on kill, a 200% armor kit buff, scaling burn damage, duration and 50% bonus armor during cover transition. You also boost ally damage when they’re within 10m of you, and your armor breaking causes enemies within 5 meters to burn as if Satan himself looked at them funny.

Oh and killing enemies with 10 meters fills group ammo – as if you’ll need a group after running Firewall.

Each Specialization in The Division 2 comes with an unlockable attachment and the same set of scaling weapon damage buffs across all the specializations. You also get scaling signature weapon damage per tier, and 50% pulse resistance. I’m not sure why the pulse resist is universal, but there ya go.

The Division 2 Skills
The role you serve helps dictate the flow of battle

Where do you fall?

What if the way you play requires the weapon from one tree and the skills from another? Well, a friend of mine serves a main role as a sniper, and a secondary role as a tanky Rambo-type. The best thing about these specializations is that they’re swappable at home base. It’s a bit of a journey, but return to home base to swap your specialization out and then just adjust your loadout and save for future use! Gadgets and guns inherited as part of your active tree will stick around, but you’ll have to activate each tree respectively to receive the specialist gun abilities, sidearm, and the other attributes.

My squad has 3 types of players – I’m the support and suppression type, we have a bullet sponge and that one guy that mains healer in EVERY game. We run Demolitionist, Firewall and Survivalist/Technician respectively, and it gets us pretty far in fights.

The biggest thing is synergy. You can totally all use the same specializations, but you shouldn’t. Gameplay gets boring quick, and you feel like you’re making less impact as an individual if you do it that way.

As a general idea – glass cannons – or regular cannons – will want to try Technician or Demolitionist. Support mains can take Sharpshooter or Survivalist. And tanky bois will probably look at Firewall or Gunner – but mostly Firewall.

The best thing I can say is to try out all the specializations and see what fits you the best, what feels the most fun and impactful. Each specialization has something for everyone, and it’s all a matter of feeling them out. Have fun out there, and please stop blowing s**t up before I get there.





It takes all the fun out of it.

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