XP Game Developer Summit launches first official event in April

The XP Game Developer Summit, in partnership with Canadian esports organizer Northern Arena, will host dozens of gaming industry mentors at its inaugural event. The first-ever event will welcome attendees to a twoday conference focused on supporting the career growth of industry members.

The event will include presentations and events geared towards all members of the video game industry, from longtime professionals to students, the . It will feature over 30 speakers from world renowned studios.

Seeing the game development community flourish in and around Toronto over the years, I’m incredibly excited to contribute to its growth, said Jason Lepine, founder of the XP Game Developer Summit. That is why we are establishing this new industry event in the heart of Toronto.

Attendees will be able to attend talks and panels covering four tracks, including Technical, Business & Marketing, Game Design & Creativity and Mobile Game Development. A dedicated lounge will be set up for industry members to network with one another throughout the conference.

Lastly, attendees will also be invited to a cocktail mixer which will be hosted the evening of April 8 for professionals to mingle in a classy gaming themed soiree.

The event will take place on April 8-9. For more information and to snag your ticket, visit the official XP Game Developer Summit website.

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