6 superheroes you can cosplay in Fortnite right now

How many superheroes can you create with one skin?

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 being Marvel-themed, superheroes were to be expected in the Battle Pass and Item Shop. However, along with plenty of official Marvel skins, we also have the Boundless skin set in the item shop, which is a highly-customizable build-a-superhero cosmetic set.

You can create your own superhero, you can remake existing skins in Fortnite that you may have missed, and the best part – you can create some of your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes. Some of these skins also allow you to replicate old Battle Pass skins like Stage 1 Carbide from Chapter 1, Season 4.

How many superheroes can you create with one Fortnite skin?

Each skin in the Boundless set costs 1800 V-bucks, which is 200 short of the standard Legendary skin price. There is a built-in emote that lets you flaunt your equipped emoticon like a Batsignal. You can customize everything on the character – right from hairstyle and suit aesthetics to accessories and cape styles.

When I was purchasing the outfit, I wanted to see which one was the most versatile and could successfully cosplay as many popular superheroes as possible. I saw the most possibilities in the Hunter skin due to his hairstyle choices, so I went for it.

Here are six mainstream superheroes that I could create with Hunter, along with a screenshot showing the Hero style for each. The Skin Color has been set to default for all skins, Eye VFX is off, and Hair Tint Color has been set to black.


Robin was the first one I could think of after I saw the eye-mask. The only issue was getting the dark green right.

For a few skins, the original outfit doesn’t have a metallic look. I had to pick the metallic suit material for those outfits only because of the color change it offers. For example, the dark-green that Robin’s outfit would require isn’t available in the color selection menu. You have to pick the regular green and the metallic suit in order to darken it a bit.

Robin in Fortnite
  • Suit Style 1: Metallic, light red
  • Suit Style 2: Metallic, grass green
  • Accessory Color: Black
  • Eyes: White
  • Sticker: “Cross Swords” (for no particular reason)
  • Cape: Yellow

Silver Surfer

I don’t even feel bad about missing out on the official Silver Surfer skin anymore. Now that I think of it, I wonder if that’s why they made it the first Marvel skin to appear in the Item Shop this season.

The Cross Swords emoticon blends in perfectly with his body color, which is one of the rare incidences where this is possible. Due to its art style and how emoticons were originally meant to be used, most of them have thick outlines.

Silver Surfer in Fortnite
Silver Surfer
  • Suit Style 1: Metallic, light grey
  • Suit Style 2: Metallic, light grey
  • Eyes: White
  • Sticker: “Cross Swords”

Spiderman (unmasked)

Other players always gather around me whenever I wear this skin. The color combination is perfect and it certainly looks like an “unmasked” style for an official Spiderman skin. Plus, the emoticon goes perfectly with this one.

Spiderman (unmasked)
  • Suit Style 1: Spandex, light red
  • Suit Style 2: Spandex, light blue
  • Accessory Color: Light red
  • Eyes: Default
  • Sticker: “Mighty Spider”


No explanation needed here, I am just happy with how it turned out.

Flash Fortnite
  • Suit Style 1: Metallic, dark red
  • Suit Style 2: Metallic, dark red
  • Accessory Color: Yellow
  • Eyes: Default/white
  • Sticker: “Let’s Rock”


Here’s one for those who missed out on the official Deadpool skin two seasons ago.

My only gripe with the Boundless skins is how you cannot hide the emoticon on the skin. It cannot be taken off the chest, back, and cape of the skin, so the best way is to either pick something that looks good, or something that camouflages well.

Deadpool in Fortnite
  • Suit Style 1: Spandex, black
  • Suit Style 2: Spandex, light red
  • Accessory Color: Black (go yellow for a more movie-Deadpool look)
  • Eyes: White
  • Sticker: “No-scope”

Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds version

The Ghost emoticon matches almost perfectly for this one.

Green Lantern in Fortnite
Green Lantern
  • Suit Style 1: Spandex, black
  • Suit Style 2: Cloth, grass-green
  • Accessory Color: Grass-green
  • Eyes: White/default
  • Sticker: “Ghost”

Fortnite’s Boundless skins are certainly worth a buy. There is so much you can do with these skins. Reddit is overflowing with ideas and concepts, and it won’t be long before we see some player-made superhero movies.

There are plenty of other superheroes you can cosplay with Fortnite‘s other Boundless skins – even Frozone and Elastigirl from The Incredibles – and these are probably not going to be bound to this season since they aren’t licensed cosmetics.

The one additional feature I would’ve liked to see with these would be body composition alterations, so that I can create the Justice League. We currently have Batman (official skin), Aquaman (official skin), Green Lantern, Flash, and even Wonder Woman (Valor from Chapter 1, Season 4).

If you do create a Superman with Hunter – and the ingredients are all there – you just need a good excuse for why he isn’t that buff anymore.

With gyms still being closed in plenty of places, I’m sure people will understand.

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