Fortnite and Star Wars crossover event blunders into asteroid field

The Rise of Skywalker and the Fall of the Servers

Bad news for Fortnite and Star Wars fans alike. The Fortnite and Star Wars crossover event for the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film had some issues since its release earlier today.

While some players were able to access Fortnite to participate in the event, many were left stranded in space. The issue that would-be First Order and Rebel troops are facing, is one with the game’s launcher itself. Attempting to access Epic Games this morning led many to an infinite loading screen, leaving players unable to even log in.

Fortnite released a tweet apologizing for the delay and extending the admission time to join the event until 2:10 PM ET.  Citing “unprecedented demand” as the issue, the team extended the admission time to allow more players to join the event. The player base took this opportunity to take jabs at Fortnite, making jokes and memes in response to the issues.

Due to these problems, all players will be receiving the TIE Whisper Glider regardless of if they play or not during the event.

The battle is over, in terms of the server issues as well as the event itself. Following the dog fights, there are TIE fighters that have crashed on the island. Players will now be able to explore the crashed ships and take on Stormtroopers; it is doubtful they will offer much of a fight given their track record. Regardless, fighting them will give players a chance obtain their weapons. Now you too can become a TRAITOR rebel against the First Order and have a chance at getting the Lightsaber.

The event may have ended, but the crossover and all of its content remains. There are still Star Wars challenges, cosmetics and other vanity items for players to obtain. Hopefully in the future Epic does not underestimate the power of their player-base and the next event goes smoother.

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