Fortnite Galactus Event: what happened to the Zero Point?

The Fortnite “Devourer of the Worlds” event was one of the most unique events yet, presenting the end of the war against Galactus.

With a bunch of Marvel characters fighting against the giant Galactus, it seems that we succeeded in defeating him. One of Fortnite‘s official accounts also tweeted “Status: Galactus defeated! Thanks for your efforts.”

But what did this event add to the core plot of Fortnite, with the story of the map, the Zero Point and Agent Jonesy?

The Zero Point

The Zero Point is the source of the Fortnite island’s energy and it seems like Galactus did absorb at least some of it before Iron Man came in.

Zero Point Galactus Event

When we defeated Galactus, the Rift that took him away was also in the shape of a butterfly – the same one we’ve always seen around the Zero Point.

Zero Point Butterfly

Agent Jonesy and the office cutscene

Here’s the interesting part – we actually returned to the office we first saw in Season 2’s The Device event.

Agent Jonesy

The strange thing about this scene was that it seemed as though the event was happening outside that office. People were running around, the building was shaking, and this time, Agent Jonesy was asleep.

It felt as though the entire event were Jonesy’s dream, further solidifying the theory that the entire Fortnite island is just a simulation.

Agent Jonesy Fortnite

Possible map changes

The helicarrier looks like it might just evade the cliffs next to Catty Corner, but it’s hard to say.

Galactus Event Fortnite

The Ruins look like Galactus has absolutely destroyed them when trying to absorb the Zero Point’s energy from it.

Galactus Event Ruins

The last time someone used the Zero Point (in the Monster vs Robot event), it grew unstable and sent us back in time in Season X. It definitely seems like it is going to be unstable again.

Fortnite didn’t do much to progress the story of the map with the Galactus event and I just hope we can get some clarity on this dream-limbo and the Zero Point’s location soon.

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