Fortnite party royale provides a true virtual social space

After Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert, it was clear that Fortnite players were able to enjoy a social environment outside of shooting one another. Continuing in that vein, Fortnite introduced a new violence-free game mode called party royale. Fortnite party royale takes place on a smaller map, separate from the regular battle royale map, and provides an amazing social space for players.

So what exactly happens in party royale?

Fortnite party royale concerts

With the current pandemic situation, it’s unlikely any music festivals are going to be happening anytime soon. However, Fortnite’s party royale provides an awesome concert space for those looking to spend time with their friends while practicing social distancing.

Last Friday, the space hosted the EDM producer Diplo on the main party royale stage. Although I wasn’t personally there, I was curious and watched videos of the event on YouTube. Diplo was being streamed live on the stage monitor. Players were free to relax, walk around, and dance to the event.

There were a few things that felt a little off at the beginning, however. For example, the two ladies dancing in the back felt a little unnecessary. Also, Diplo shouting “let me see those emotes” didn’t feel natural.

Nevertheless, the event was engaging. The colors around the stage were vivid and the effects were top notch. Once players start giving into the dancing, the whole atmosphere was charming.

Fortnite’s concerts in party royale pave the way for an exciting future for the game. Although there are still improvements to be made, I see the potential. Party royale is the beginning of a true metaverse.


The new map includes a lot more than just a concert stage. The Fortnite party royale map contains several sightseeing areas you might be familiar with. For example, towards the bottom of the map is a big beach that has the bones from the monster vs robot event.

Fortnite party royal

Another area worth checking out is Buccaneer’s Bay, where the big pirate ship from Lost Lagoon is located.

In the center of the Party Royale map is a small plaza area containing fast-food joints and towers. There isn’t much to do in the plaza yet, but the buildings are detailed enough to make it a fun hangout area to meet up with your friends.

I think party royale is a great way for Fortnite to bring back aspects from previous seasons, without altering their main battle royale mode.


Around the Fortnite party royale map, you can find different icons that contain a variety of challenges for players to do. The first challenge that players should expect is diving challenges. This is a great way to practice your glider drop.

There are also the driving challenges, in which you go around and try to complete mini-courses as fast as possible. These mini-games are also playable solo. However, they are also set up to let players compete with their friends, to try and see who can finish faster.

Overall, party royale is a stress-free way for players to hang out and compete with one another. This new game mode is proof that Fortnite is always evolving, and demonstrates that the social aspect of a game can be just as good as the game itself.

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