How to dominate Team Rumble in Fortnite Season 3

Team Rumble is hands down the most chaotic game mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. With two teams of 20 battling it out for a 125 kill target in a small circle, Team Rumble is fast-paced, has better loot, and involves constant action. On top of that, the mode is ever-evolving.

Dynamic objective
Team Rumble now has a dynamic objective, meaning the kill target goes down if people leave the match.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 introduced dynamic objectives to Team Rumble. The kill count starts at 125 and goes down depending on the number of players that leave the match. No more 19v3 matches that last for thirty minutes! The target will go down (to a minimum of 65) if players start leaving.

With an updated map, a faster pace, and an updated loot pool, Team Rumble has changed quite a lot at its core in Season 3. Here are some key strategies that will help you dominate the new version of Team Rumble.

Know the best landing spots

There’s never enough time to loot before the first circle closes. The best landing spots are those that allow you to open the maximum number of chests before the first circle closes. Note that all chest spawns are activated in Team Rumble, which means that if you opened a chest in a particular place in one match, it will exist there in every other match as well.

There are three landing spots that allow you to loot very quickly: the unnamed travelling ship, Misty Meadows, and Fatal Fields.

The travelling ship
The “travelling ship” has multiple chests, a supply drop, and upgrade bench, and fishing rods.

The unnamed travelling ship – a small ship which is different from The Yacht – is hands down the best landing location. With multiple chests, fishing rods, a supply drop, an upgrade bench, and a boat back to the island, nothing comes close. Unfortunately, the ship travels around the island and it isn’t possible to accurately locate it each time. You also can’t guarantee that it will be on your side of the map.

Fatal Fields and Misty Meadows are large POIs that offer a huge number of chests. The best part is that very few people land in these places, and there’s usually just one other person with you. Unlike popular landing spots like Holly Hedges and Lazy Lake, both of these places have wooden houses that are easy to break into and loot.

Have a balanced loadout

Team Rumble has evolved quite a lot over Fortnite‘s seasons, and it seems that Epic Games have decided to make it a balanced and fair game mode. Just three seasons ago, Team Rumble had all sorts of broken items like Junk Rifts and mechs. With Chapter 2, the loot pool has gone down to the basics, and Epic has been pretty careful with what they add to it.

The optimal loadout includes one assault rifle, one shotgun or submachine gun, one or more explosives, and one slot for healing items. Snipers, unfortunately, aren’t your best bet this season. I am yet to play a single Team Rumble match with a 125 kill target, since at least three players leave each match and the counter goes down to about 95. There’s barely any time to snipe anyone, as there is no time to stand still.

A lot of players aren’t comfortable with the Charge Shotgun and its weird shooting style. If you are good with this weapon, you can rack up kills easily even with a blue Charge. If not, simply pick a blue Tactical Shotgun and upgrade it to purple.

Upgrade at least one weapon

Make sure you upgrade at least one weapon every match. Team Rumble only has blue, purple, and golden loot, and you start each match with 150 of each material. Upgrade the first purple weapon you find, unless it’s a pistol. Finding a pistol in a Mythic chest honestly feels like a kick in the ribs.

Season 3 has had two changes that will switch up your upgrading process. The good one: the game now has portable Upgrade Benches, so you don’t have to memorize where the Bench in each location is. The bad one: metal has suddenly become scarce. You need 150 of each material to upgrade a weapon from blue to purple. You need 200 of each material to further upgrade it from purple to gold.

With the recent Joy Ride update, stationary vehicles have been replaced with their usable counterparts – except that you can’t use them in Team Rumble. The cars are there, in front of you, but locked and unusable. They’re also hard to break down and a terrible resource for metal. This makes it very hard to get the 200 metal required for your legendary upgrade, a number that was easily attainable with the stationary cars.

Stock up on explosives

Since Epic are no longer communicating changes they make to the game, I’ll tell you: the free ammo you get whenever you die in Team Rumble isn’t a bug. It’s a feature. Whenever your ammo goes down to zero in Team Rumble and you die (doesn’t matter how), you respawn with some ammo of each type.

This makes RPG spamming the most reliable method to get kills. Getting an RPG means you stop using any other weapons; you just land on an enemy, shoot at the ground, and take them with you. Among other explosives, grenades are as reliable as they were back in 2017, and still deserve a spot in your inventory no matter what mode you’re playing.

Carry at least one Flare Gun

Flare Guns are the big game-changer this season. They mark enemies for a while if you shoot it straight up, and set structures on fire if you shoot them directly towards builds. However, unlike the core game modes, Flare Guns do not mark enemies for your entire team. This was changed for Team Rumble just a week after the weapon was released.

Flare Guns don’t do an insane amount of damage like RPGs, but they disorient enemies and destroy enemy bases, and that’s a huge thing. The best way to use it is to shoot it straight above an enemy base. This marks all enemies hiding in that area and sets the base on fire. With metal now being scarce and stone being an already scarce resource, most skybases and build fights happen with wood.

Flare Guns and wooden structures are an incredible match. The fire spreads very quickly, even if it’s simply trees and houses.

Flare Gun fire

Season 3 also has collectible Firefly Jars that work similarly to Flare Guns. They are not weapons, but rather throwables which can be harvested from random spots on the map. They spawn under trees at nighttime. Unlike Flare Guns, they do not mark enemies around you. They only set structures on fire and have less than half the range of a Flare Gun. I’d definitely skip on these if you ever find them, unless they’re in the circle and you can quickly harvest and use them.

Most importantly, have fun with the chaos

Team Rumble is the most satisfying Fortnite mode for consistent action. For a lot of us, it is more than just a way to rush through Weekly Challenges. With powerful weapons, quick matches, and lots of resources, chaos is guaranteed.

Here’s how crazy Team Rumble matches can go in Fortnite Season 3:

I hope this article helped you understand the updated Team Rumble and its meta better. See you on the Battle Bus!

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