How to dominate Team Rumble in Fortnite Season 4

Team Rumble is in one of its most chaotic states ever in Fortnite Season 4. You have superpowers, jetpacks, cars, scoped ARs, and no Tactical Shotguns.

While this mess is enjoyable when it works in your favor, the overpowered items in the loot pool can certainly be hard to counter. Here’s how you can easily dominate Team Rumble in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4.

She-Hulk's Fists in Team Rumble, Season 4
She-Hulk’s Fists are one of the few weapons that can give you multiple kills at the same time

Land at the Quinjets and loot the carrier drones

The best weapons in the game – Marvel’s superpowers – are found at the Quinjet sites. Each site has four drones, and each drone has a small chance of dropping the superpower that is unvaulted during that patch.

Here’s the problem: at least one other teammate lands at these sites.

Every time you land at a drone site, you’ll have competition. The best way to go about this is to land on top of a drone, pickaxe it, grab the loot (if it’s not a superpower), and begin shooting other drones.

If you find one of the better superpowers, stack up on healing items

She-Hulk’s Fists and Thor’s Hammer are the only good superpowers from the ones available in Team Rumble in Fortnite.

The Fists heal you over time, but using them means being right next to enemies when you kill them. You’ll almost always take some damage when using the Fists, and their healing rate won’t be enough to save you until that enemy returns for revenge. This is why having a stack of mini-shields will help you a lot. Since you won’t need shotguns when you have the Fists, you’ll have that slot open too.

Thor’s Hammer, due to its short range, lets everyone know your approximate location, unless you’re hiding in the Authority or Ruins, or a tall player-built structure. If you eliminate someone using the Hammer, there’s a good chance one of the other enemies nearby will come looking for you.

Epic is rotating the superpowers with each update, and you might even find Black Panther’s armor or Silver Surfer’s board. The board is great to get out of sticky situations, but the armor doesn’t really do much in Team Rumble.

If you don’t find a good superpower, look for an upgrade bench

You will need the best weapons in the game if you want to fight against a team that has superpowers. Upgrade your AR or sniper to Legendary if possible. Since you already have 150 of each material when you spawn, getting it to Epic (at the very least) before the storm closes is a must.

Depending on where you land, it might be hard to farm metal since cars are now driveable and have higher HP. In such cases, pickaxe a gas can and respawn in the circle, where you can get a couple of early supply drops easily.

In any case, blue weapons just don’t cut it in Season 4.

If the opposing team is super sweaty, quietly snipe them

The best weapons you can find in Team Rumble are Legendary Suppressed Snipers, and Fortnite Season 4 has made sure they’re hard to find. With a smaller player count, it’s even easier for enemies to figure out where loud snipes are coming from.

There’s honestly nothing enemies can do if you find yourself a good hiding spot and snipe away. Build a box, open a triangle, and put a cone below yourself. If an enemy approaches your box, edit it quickly and hide.

If you’re going to play stealthy, using the simpler and sleeker skins works best.

Carry mobility items and Boogie Bombs

In Team Rumble in Season 4, Jetpacks, Crash Pads, and Boogie Bombs are more useful than they have ever been in Fortnite.

An enemy using She-Hulk’s Fists (that barely have a cooldown) is hard to counter. The first punch stuns your character for a second, and there’s no time to react for the second one. If you see one of these players smashing through your team, a Boogie Bomb can easily stop them and get you a quick kill. If one of these players is near you, using a Crash Pad or a jetpack is really the only way to quickly move away. When using a Crash Pad, be sure you shoot it as soon as it has launched you in the air.


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 surely has some of the best items the game has ever added, but some of the new ones are pretty annoying to go up against in Team Rumble.

Along with mobility items, Traps can be pretty good if you know where to place them. They’re much weaker than they used to be and they’ll set wood on fire, so the best place to place a Fire Trap is right at the base of a Port-a-Fort. It’s one of the most satisfying things when you’re far away from the fort and suddenly the game tells you that you got a kill; or rather, grill.

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