How to win the Marvel game modes in Fortnite

Marvel’s Standoff (12v12) and Marvel’s Knockout (3v3 rounds with brackets) are the two new Marvel x Fortnite LTMs this season.

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With plenty of superpowers to pick from, and chaos that looks like the ending of an Avengers movie, here are some tips for getting more kills and surviving longer in these Fortnite modes.

Which superpowers to prioritize

Ranged weapons like Iron Man or Doctor Doom’s Gauntlets are way better than any of the melee options, especially in Standoff.

Marvel's heroes in Fortnite

She-Hulk’s Fists or Wolverine’s Claws aren’t that bad in Knockout where the circle is pretty small, but they’re still no match for ranged superpowers.

Between Iron Man and Doctor Doom’s Gauntlets, Iron Man’s are better. While they deal 20 damage (versus Doom’s 35), they can lock onto targets easily when in proximity. Doom’s Gauntlets also have a slower projectile, whereas Iron Man’s Gauntlets feel like an actual gun.

Among the hard-hitters, Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb works better than Iron Man’s Unibeam. The range and damage might not be as good as the Unibeam, but at least the Bomb doesn’t let an enemy know where you are aiming.

How to counter choppers and air campers

Choppers seriously need to be disabled in these modes. They let players climb up at max height where most superpowers and players can’t even reach. Then they camp there for the rest of the game and wait for the storm to close. Most players down below will have fewer lives left, meaning the campers can get easy wins.

If you see a chopper in the early game, destroy one, or get another one (at Doom’s Domain or Stark Industries), pick a few teammates, fly up, and destroy theirs.

Choppers in Marvel's LTM
Switching seats in your chopper will keep it in the air even if you’re the only one in it

You do not even need teammates for this if you have Iron Man or Doctor Doom’s gauntlets. Just switch seats and shoot down their chopper. They have 1500 health and it will take only a few minutes.

Farming resources

A lot of people sleep on resources in these modes. While a lot of superpowers do destroy builds, these can be pretty effective at buying time for one of your cooldowns to reset.

They are also useful for climbing up slopes, as not every loadout will let you fly around. If you are stuck in build mode and want to switch back to a superpower, just press 5 or Q.

The best item to survive longer

Groot’s Ball is a must-have. It’s almost like an extra couple of lives, plus its mobility is extremely valuable when being chased or moving to the next circle.

Groot's Ball
Groot’s Ball heals you, even when you’re in the storm

It’s also a great tool against those air campers who will be in a heal-off against you in those last few seconds.

To summarize: grab a ranged superpower, destroy enemy choppers, have at least 300 wood with you, and keep your health up. As long as you do that and stay with your team, you will easily survive the Marvel LTMs in Fortnite.

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