Top 5 Fortnite crossovers we can never forget

Nobody does a crossover like Fortnite does. Period.

It has been about two years since Epic Games first started doing them in Fortnite. Every single one of them, right from Marvel and DC to Star Wars and Marshmello, has been an incredibly unique experience for players. Each crossover came with its own unique content, be it cosmetic items, freebies in other independent games, and even in-game items such as Lightsabers.

Here are five of Fortnite‘s best crossovers yet, in no particular order.


When Tilted Towers turned into Gotham City, I turned into a Fortnite addict. Just kidding, that had already happened two years before.

Everything about this crossover was great. It started with a bunch of Batman cosmetics being leaked on Reddit, along with a Gotham POI that resembled Tilted Towers a bit too much. The city was dark and allowed everyone to equip Batman capes as a glider redeploy feature. On top of that, music from The Dark Knight trilogy would play when you entered the city.

Gotham City in the Batman crossover
When Tilted Towers turned into Gotham City

The crossover was in celebration of 80 years of Batman, and presented two unique cosmetics: one from the comic books, and one from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Batarangs and grapplers were usable in-game, and still stand to be one of the most fun and balanced items Fortnite has ever had in a crossover.

Batman cosmetics

Just a side note, I bought these cosmetics in 2019 and I think the Comic Book Batman (left) has stopped doing squats because his legs have definitely gotten thinner in the last few months. I do not advocate you should skip leg day, superhero or not.

Avengers: Infinity War

Back in 2018, when Fortnite was in its prime in Season 4, Epic dropped their first crossover, which ended up bringing  an even a larger playerbase to the game.

Everyone and their grandma was playing this mode, and I feel like this is where the YouTube clickbait started (“FREE Thanos skin in Fortnite!? 1 like = 1 iPhone, subscribe to automatically get 9999 V-bucks”). The mode was extremely successful, also matching in with Season 4’s superhero-themed battle pass.

The Infinity Gauntlet in the Avengers crossover

Early in the match, a meteor containing the Infinity Gauntlet would randomly land on the map. Players could pick it up to transform into Thanos. If Thanos was defeated, the player using it would be eliminated, leaving behind the Gauntlet to be picked up.

Thanos had four incredible abilities- a punch, a fly-and-slam, Power stone blast, and a super jump. Not only that, he was immune to fall damage and had an absurd amount of health and shield. Back then, mobility wasn’t really a thing in-game, and it was a pretty badass feeling to be leaping around the map. It was unquestionably one of Fortnite’s most successful crossovers.

Star Wars

The first crossover in Fortnite: Chapter 2 was Fortnite x Star Wars, to celebrate the release of The Rise of Skywalker.

Fortnite x Star Wars

I still can’t believe we had actual, usable Lightsabres in Fortnite. I can still hear their shwing-shwang as eleven players massacred me with them in Team Rumble that one time I tried to befriend the enemy team.

Along with multiple skins and free Christmas gliders, this was one of the few crossovers that had a live event as well. The event showed a spacecraft battle above the Fortnite map, and later displayed unseen footage from the movie.

Avengers: Endgame

Fortnite‘s second Avengers crossover came in April 2019 with the release of Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers Endgame LTM

Unlike the Infinity War crossover, the Endgame Limited Time Mode was a team-based game. Weapons used by Avengers were available as Mythic weapons for one team, while the other team consisted of the Chitauri and Thanos. The Black Widow outfit from the Item Shop was a huge hit during this Crossover.

The Black Widow skin


When Borderlands 3 was about to release in 2019, Fortnite also did a Fortnite x Mayhem crossover.

The Psycho Bundle

The unnamed location in the southeast corner of the Season 1 map turned into planet Pandora. Players could complete several challenges in this Rift Zone for rewards such as sprays and camos, and the Psycho Bundle was available in the shop as a V-buck purchase.

The Rift Zone took the signature cell-shaded theme from the Borderlands series, giving Fortnite the first-of-its-kind visual change. Pandora also regenerated Shields if the player didn’t take damage for a brief period, and made for some great fights.

Fortnite x Borderlands

Crossovers done right

Being one of the most successful games out there, Fortnite takes crossovers to another level.  The in-game cosmetics are the highlight of the crossover every time, and become quite rare since they aren’t released once the crossover has ended.

The content is fresh every time, and hits the right strings with fans of the respective franchises, except for maybe a few Batman fans who were mad because The Dark Knight doesn’t use guns. Well, now he uses guns and Flosses on enemies.

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