How to Raid in Frostborn

When you reach level 10 in Frostborn, you unlock the option to raid other players’ camps and grab as much loot as possible. But there are no clear instructions on how to do it, the items you need, and how to protect your camp against such raids. That’s why I am here. I’m going to show you how to do a raid in Frostborn with minimum loss of resources and valuable items.

How to get started

To start a raid, you have to set up a Scout’s Table and then hit a button on top of your screen in the shape of an Axe and Shield. Once you tap it, you will see a little menu that shows you the mechanics of a raid.

To start a raid, you will have to press the option Start Raid and a clock will start ticking. At this point, the game will begin the search for a family to pair with you.

How to Raid in Frostborn

How to raid in Frostborn

Once you’ve been matched, you’ll have 20 minutes to raid as you please. Before heading on over to the enemy’s camp, be sure to grab the following items:

  • Raider Hatchets – to use on weaker wooden walls.
  • Basic Lockpicks – to use on small chests.

Once you’ve done enough raids and start spotting upgraded walls and blue chests, it’s time to level up your raiding gear:

  • Strong Hatchets – to use on upgraded wooden walls.
  • Thief’s Lockpicks – to use on medium chests.

There are other more advanced items but you will only need them in the end game and by that point, you will already need and possess the items.

Those are the main items for a raid. Other than that, you should use a good armor set and weapon. My advice is that you also grab two to three stacks of food, one stack of bandages, and some Bolas to stun enemies with if you need to run away.

When you start a raid search, you can usually tell whether you will be facing an active or away player. When you start the raid and are matched within two minutes, usually the other camp has active players in it.

On the other hand, if five minutes go by before you’re matched, then you probably got matched with a player that isn’t online at the moment. This makes the raid a whole lot easier and more profitable.

When matched to an active Family, I advise you to wait for them to visit your camp and see their equipment level and weaponry. That way you can see whether it is a challenge you can take on or whether you should stick inside your camp walls and wait for the raid to end.

Things to look out for

Although every raid in Frostborn is supposed to be between Families of equal power, the rating system is less than ideal. This is because the system doesn’t take into account the number of players. It adds up the level of all players within a Family and then divides it by the number of players in the camp. Then it looks for a Family with an equal number, which can often be a single player.

I play alone and often get matched against Families of four players. I get that the other Family members are lower-leveled, but it is considerably harder to defend your camp or attack a camp against multiple opposing players. They can easily split into two teams and have one team defending while the other attacks.

On a side note, if you spot that the enemy is just circling around your camp and not really attacking, you might want to consider speaking up and offering a trade rather than a bloody battle. Set up your Trader Post, establish what you are willing to exchange, and go your separate ways without crossing swords. Do keep in mind that not many players will go for this, but it’s worth it to try for those rare occasions when diplomacy works out.

Protecting your camp

Whenever you spot that a raid might be uneven in terms of players, then the best option is to forget attacking the other camp and focus on protecting your own. It’s better to not get any new loot and keep your own, than risk it all just to get to the outer layers of the other Family’s Camp.

In order to prevent people from robbing you, you need to make an absolute fortress of your Camp. There are a lot of ways to protect your camp and most consist of creating a core room where your most valuable items are and then creating a bunch of walls and corridors around it.

What I personally did with my camp is make a core room in stone – which is the best I could do with my current level and resources – and then created adjacent rooms for less important resources, such as a Carpentry room, where you keep your Woodworking tables and chests filled with wood, Quarry room and so on. I also made an O-shaped camp, with some open space in the middle to keep my outdoor resource machines, such as the Loom, Tanning Rack, meat Drier, and Garden.

How to Raid in Frostborn

After that, I created fake rooms that look like they contain important things and have a bunch of medium chests, but all chests contain useless items or items that cannot be stolen. That way, raiding opponents would use up all their good and expensive lockpicks and if by chance they get to the core room, they will likely have no lockpicks left.

As the last step, you can set up some traps. All you need to do is spread Shock Traps along the outer corridor of your camp. That way, when the enemy breaks down one of your walls, they will lose HP and they will most certainly not want to walk through the corridors.

Pro tip: The best tip I can offer is that you don’t keep all your valuable things in just one chest. Keep them separated in different chests and preferably within different rooms and inside high-quality chests.

When to raid, and is it worth it

Is raiding worth it in Frostborn? The answer is YES, and for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that raiding other people’s camps will save you a lot of time when it comes to collecting resources.

But the most important reason is that when a raid is finished, your Family will have a shield protecting you from raids for 96 hours, meaning no one will rob your place. That said, what most players do is perform a raid every four days. That way you always have protection and you can control the raids that do happen at your camp.

“But what if I don’t want to raid?” I hear you asking. That decision is really up to you, but you should know that if you don’t raid and your shield is down, there will be a one-hour period every day when other Frostborn players can raid your camp. And no, you will not get a notification on your phone that you are under attack, so you will get robbed easily.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide on how to raid in Frostborn, with all key raiding mechanics explained. I do hope it helps you get some awesome loot and protect your camp at the same time. Let me know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t hesitate to share any tips I may have missed.

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