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6 fun co-op activities you can do in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is – first and foremost – a game of exploration, combat, and rolling 70+ times without getting a 5-Star unit. But it also has co-op, so here are some cool co-op ideas for when you and your friends run out of Resin in Genshin Impact.

Take a hike

Teyvat is a big place rife for exploration, and it’s up to you to explore it. Maybe you’re still missing some waypoints to unlock, or you’re just itching to see the sights and take in the scenery. In any case, call your buddies and invite them to take a hike with you. From the Guili Plains to the Stormbearer Mountains, there’s always plenty to see.

Photo ops!

Genshin Impact has a surprisingly detailed and intuitive photo mode. Combine that with the aforementioned gorgeous visuals and you have a recipe for some incredible photos. Choose your best characters and get your friend in a pose to set the scene for your perfect shot.

Genshin Impact photo mode

Hunting and gathering

Everyone needs to eat, whether it’s for sustenance or to come back from death itself. Well, to eat you first need to find food. There are plenty of animals and veggies for you to find and later devour. Whether cooking is your passion, you’re hungry, or you’re just bloodthirsty, there’s always a benefit to hunting.

On the flip side, maybe you need ascension materials – just 5 more Violetgrass until you can ascend Qiqi. I get it. While some materials are consigned to bosses, most of them are just found out in the wild. And yeah, some of them require decimating an entire group of Hilichurls. Nobody said this was going to be easy.

Cross country competitions!

Like I said earlier, Teyvat is huge. Exploration is generally made easier by teleporting to waypoints and domains. But if you wanted to make it interesting, you could set up a little competition between your friends. Who can get from point A to point B the fastest? Or who can collect the highest amount of a certain resource. Or you could do everyone’s favorite activity – photo challenges!

Mess around with the characters

With a bit of imagination, you and your friends can use your characters for some simple fun. Maybe you can have a Beyblade competition with multiple claymore users; or if you’re like me and my lucky friends, you can just all be Childe and swing your water daggers around. Or what about some Hilichurl jump rope?

A new game in genshin! from Genshin_Impact

Let off some steam

And finally, you could just go around cutting down camps of Hilichurls, popping slimes, shutting down Ruin Guardians, and establishing no-float-zones around Abyss Mages. Those damn Abyss Mages. All in all this activity is the bulk of your Genshin  Impact experience, co-op or otherwise, and gives you a good way to bond with your allies and maybe try out that new character you just got.

You’ve had your fun, but sometimes you just need to let out all that pent up roll-related anger.

If you don’t already know, Original Resin is used for claiming rewards from Domains, Bosses and special events. You’ll usually be stuck waiting after you run out, but that doesn’t mean your co-op adventures have to end there. The ideas above are just some of the ways you can keep the fun going with co-op mode in Genshin Impact.

Hopefully we helped you stave off boredom. If you and your friends have come up with other ideas to entertain yourselves in the game, let us know in the comments!

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