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6 things Genshin Impact players hate

Genshin Impact is full of things that players hate. Whether it be disappointing drop rates, or characters who constantly annoy you with their voice, there is something that everyone hates. These are the 6 things that Genshin Impact players hate.

Abyss Mages

These enemies are some of the toughest in the game. Because of their shields, they can take a long time to defeat without proper elemental damage. On top of this, some of them – like the Cryo Abyss Mage – can infinitely knock you up.

Being frozen

Crowd control in any game is a pain in the ass, but it hits different in Genshin Impact. Once you become frozen by Cryo, you have to smash your spacebar to break free. This drastically slows down the pace of combat and is not fun when you run characters like Barbara, who constantly apply the wet status.


Wishing is the backbone of gacha games. But nothing feels worse than pulling units and weapons you don’t want. This hurts even more when you hit pity and pull something that is off banner.


This buggy boss fight is hated for many reasons. For starters, the locked camera can make the fight more difficult at times. You also randomly phase through his neck, which ruins your damage phase and makes the fight longer than it needs to be.


Paimon is one of the most annoying characters in gaming history. Her shrill voice combined with her repeating animations of finger guns and crossed arms make her a universally hated character. We are waiting for the emergency food recipe, miHoYo.

And of course, Amber

Amber is by far the most hated character in Genshin Impact. Between her useless kit and inability to do anything outside of puzzles, most players will groan when she drops from wishes. Why would you want a constellation on her?

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