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Every Genshin Impact boss ranked

Bosses make a large part of the level up cycle in Genshin Impact. Whether you are farming the Oceanid to get Cleansing Hearts to upgrade your Barbara, or farming Dvalin for Northlander Weapon prototypes to forge 4-star weapons, each boss has something you need. Here is every Genshin Impact boss, ranked.

Note, that each elite and weekly Genshin Impact boss was ranked based on the mechanics in the fight and how long they take to farm. These bosses cost resin to farm, which sets them apart from mini bosses like the Ruin Hunter and the Fatui Agent.

Geo Hypostasis

I hate this boss. Why make a boss fight where you fight stone pillars instead of the boss itself? If you are not running a claymore character, this fight will never end. Don’t run this boss fight unless you truly need to ascend a Geo character.

Rating: 1/5


This doesn’t feel like a boss fight whatsoever. All you do is fight multiple waves of water clones that deal lots of damage, regenerate health and have AOE attacks that are almost impossible to dodge. Also sitting and waiting for platforms to sink is an absolute snooze fest.

Rating: 1/5


Dvalin was the first boss to be introduced in the Genshin Impact storyline. For the Mondstadt side of the Archon quest, Dvalin was the antagonist. But his boss fight sucks. The camera lock is not fun to play with, and sometimes characters will just phase through his neck in damage phase.

Rating 2/5

Anemo Hypostasis

The Anemo Hypostasis is a straightforward boss fight: let it attack and then go in and damage the core. Rinse and repeat until the health bar is gone. What makes this boss suck is that once the health bar is depleted, you have to gather 4 Anemo Orbs to complete the fight. This mechanic feels out of place in the boss fight, but it isn’t extremely difficult.

Rating: 3/5

Genshin Impact boss ranked

Cryo Regisvine

The Cryo Regisvine is one of the few boss fights in Genshin Impact that doesn’t have a mechanic that delays you from speedrunning it. The only tough part about this boss fight is that if you run Barbara as your healer, she will constantly get you frozen.

Rating: 4/5

Electro Hypostasis

The Electro Hypostasis is one of the better elite boss fights in the game. Similar to the Anemo Hypostasis, you fight a weird cube thing that has damage phases after it does its chain of attacks. Once you deplete the health bar, you have to destroy 3 electro cubes that only take damage from elemental reactions.

Rating: 4/5

Genshin Impact boss ranked

Pyro Regisvine

The Pyro Regisvine is almost identical to the Cryo Regisvine, except it is in the pyro element. As long as you run characters that can cause elemental reactions, this fight goes by fairly fast.  I recommend running a Hydro and Electro character.

Rating: 4/5


This fight is one of the best ones in the game. The arena is excellently designed, and the Dominator of Wolves has amazing voice acting. The questline that kicks off this fight is also super solid. The only sad part of this boss fight is that you can only get rewards from it once a week.

Rating: 5/5

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