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Genshin Impact complete gameplay guide

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play cross-platform RPG that found massive success immediately when it released in 2020. Since launch, developer miHoYo has consistently added more content, including new characters, activities, and areas. Whether you are jumping into Genshin Impact for the first time or coming back after a hiatus, we have a guide to get you up to speed. Most of our guides are updated as new content is added.

Getting started in Genshin Impact

The first time loading into Genshin Impact can be overwhelming, to say the least. Here are all of the guides that will get you up to speed on getting started in Genshin:

Genshin Impact events, mechanics, and lists

Since Genshin Impact’s launch, miHoYo has been updating the game and hosting in-game events for players to unlock exclusive rewards. Some of the events have stuck with the game, while others have come and gone. Below you can find lists and guides outlining events, gameplay mechanics, co-op activities, and other useful stuff.

Genshin Impact characters

There are currently 29 different characters in Genshin Impact, each filling a specific role and utilizing unique skills. Luckily we have a guide for almost every character, and have ranked them based on their star rating and utility. 

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