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Genshin Impact Wish and Pity guide, tips and tricks

Which Wish is which?

If you play gacha games you may be intimately familiar with the concept of Pity. Genshin Impact – while some of you may be able to forget – is a gacha game above all else, and I’m here to help you navigate its Pity system.

Let’s start off by talking about the Wish system. There are three different banners for you to Wish on, depending on what you want to get. There’s the Character Event Wish, Weapon Event Wish, and Wanderlust Invocation – the permanent standard banner. The Character and Weapon Event banners are temporary and rotating, usually having a desirable 5-Star character and a couple of good 5-Star weapons respectively.

I wish I wish, with all my heart…

Wishes can be obtained a few different ways, with the main one being through Primogems. Primogems can be earned through hitting goals in Spiral Abyss, finishing story quests, doing hangout events, and doing your daily commissions. There are really too many sources for me to list them all. Trust me when I say that it feels really easy to get gems until you need them. The number of times I’ve been a few short and had to start hunting for treasure chests is just a little bit aggravating.

Of course, the easiest way to get Primogems is by cracking the ol’ wallet. If you’re inclined to go down this route you can purchase varying amounts of Genesis Crystals, which can then be converted into Primogems. Primogems can then be exchanged for either Acquaint (standard) or Intertwined (event) Fates for your Wishing pleasure.

Genshin Impact microtransactions

Being pitied is a good thing sometimes

Genshin Impact doesn’t want you to feel disheartened by rolling, so every 10 Wishes on a banner will guarantee you a 4-Star character or weapon. This applies to both the standard and event banners. Though this provided me little solace when I spent $100 and didn’t get Venti until my next six Wishes that I got entirely for free by playing. Did spending $100 get me Venti? Technically yes, but by the time I used up the Wishes I paid for I didn’t even want him anymore, man.

You can technically roll a 5-Star character or weapon at any point, but your chances are extremely low. That’s where the Pity system comes in. Rolling 75 times on a character banner activates something called soft Pity, upping your chances to get a 5-Star. If that still doesn’t work out for you, go for 90 – that’s when you hit hard Pity and you’re guaranteed a 5-Star character. Just beware that 50/50. The 50/50 kicks in if your last 5-Star on the limited banner was the featured one. Going from there, the first 5-Star you get on the limited character banner has a 50% chance to be the advertised character or weapon. This leaves the remaining 50% chance to be a standard 5-Star, potentially leaving you with a Keqing from the limited banner when you wanted someone actually useful.

It’s important to note that Pity doesn’t transfer between banners, meaning Wanderlust Invocation and Character Event and standard banners have separate Pity counters. Unfortunately, that means rolling 60 on one banner and 15 on the other won’t get you soft Pity on either.

Playing the odds, or just unlucky?

That said, your rolls on the event banners will carry over to the next ones. This means if you’re rolling for a 5-Star on one banner but don’t get them, you’ll receive the next 5-Star a lot quicker. Is this a good thing? Generally yes, but it depends on you and who you’re looking to roll for.

For example, if you were dead-set on getting Albedo on his re-run banner but couldn’t swing it, your chances of getting Itto were just that much higher! If you didn’t want that next character though… Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait for their next rerun banner, whenever that may be.

Since my Venti debacle, I’ve employed a little trick: I Wish around 70 times and then just stop. This way I haven’t hit soft Pity yet, and I can just wait until a character I want is on the banner before I continue to roll. It works out pretty well for me, to be honest.

You may be a little angry if I talk about my 5-Stars, so just trust me on this one. I recommend just edging the Pity threshold if possible to help ensure you get the characters you want. Does it help my gambling addiction? No, but it does help me get the character I want. Think of it as an investment.

Leaked Childe rerun from Genshin_Memepact


Wishing for weapons is pretty messed up, to be honest

The rates for the weapon banner vary slightly from the character banners. The weapon banner will have soft Pity activated around 64 Wishes, with hard Pity locking in at 80 Wishes. So that’s something, I guess.

Also, with the 2.0 patch Genshin Impact got a new system called Epitomized Path. This essentially lets you lock in the 5-Star weapon you want, but not without a caveat. In order to get your desired 5-Star weapon guaranteed, you’ll have to roll two different 5-Star weapons first. Now, it is true that you may get the weapon(s) you want within the first two 5-Star rolls, but that still runs you potentially upwards of 240 Wishes for the weapon you actually want.

It’s not great, but it’s what we all signed up for

Is it annoying having to play the odds to get a character you want in Genshin Impact? It can be. Some people see it all as part of progression, while others just enjoy the gamble. At the end of the day, it is what it is: a gacha game. You’ll keep playing it, I’ll keep playing it. We’ll keep complaining, but we’ll keep Wishing. Oh well, c’est la vie.

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