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Should Genshin Impact have artifact trading?

Artifacts are a keystone in Genshin Impact. They augment your playstyle and provide stat boosts to strengthen your characters. However, artifact farming is limited by the Resin system and also by the RNG of drops. So what would happen if Genshin Impact added artifact trading, letting players exchange artifacts with each other?

How could it work?

There are multiple approaches that developer miHoYo could take to implement artifact trading in Genshin Impact. One that would fit best is an online marketplace or hub where artifacts can be posted. More than likely artifacts would be traded for the likes of Mora or Primogems.

Another option could be a friend-based interaction system that requires mutually-agreed on swapping of artifacts. You could simply request to trade with someone from your friends list, opening a trade menu. Both parties can offer up artifacts and when there is a mutual agreement, the trade goes through.

What would the effects be?

With Genshin Impact being mostly a single player experience, artifact trading wouldn’t cause too much harm. At the current time there aren’t any leaderboards, so player progress and scores in activities like Spiral Abyss are not seen by others, and not hotly competed over.

Genshin Impact Fragile Resin

The real issue that may arise is with whales. They have the means to farm artifacts more than F2P players, which means they have more artifacts to trade. In order to circumvent a surplus of artifacts being traded, miHoYo could limit the trades to once or twice a week, similar to how the Parametric Transformer works.


While artifact trading is a possibility in Genshin Impact, there have been no leaks or official information released on it. It could be a strong mechanic in the game, and would help players that struggle to get the drops they need.

I think it would fair well in Genshin Impact, as long as it is limited and moderated. I find often times I farm Domains for weeks, not getting the artifact I want or even a certain piece that I need, regardless of stats. Artifact trading could boost the overall morale of the playerbase, and help F2P players with higher end activities.

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