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The best Genshin Impact community memes so far

Genshin Impact has so far surpassed early expectations pretty hard, and I have personally been enjoying the game immensely. Genshin Impact is filled to the brim with oddball characters and waifus, which obviously has lead to the game’s subreddit flooding with memes and fan art, a lot of it dedicated to the nightmare that is Paimon.

The screechy childish voice is enough to drive anyone insane, but like it or not, you’re stuck with this little demon for the entirety of the game. In case you thought you could turn down Paimon’s voice separately: you are wrong. You would have to turn down all dialogue volume, and even then her rubbery nasal falsetto sneaks into cutscenes sometimes.

Anyway, enjoy this product from the nightmare factory:

Some paimon hell in vrchat. All credit to @virtualkayluh on twitter from Genshin_Impact

Poor Paimon can’t seem to catch a break. Between the criticism of being a more annoying version of Navi and avoiding being cooked alive by Xiangling, she’s had it tough. In this piece of fan art, Paimon seems to find a new friend in the original Hyrule adventurer.

Paimon and Link by Kai E from Genshin_Impact

There are 23 heroes available in Genshin Impact so far, each with a star rating to give a vague indication to their power level. As much as miHoYo wants to believe the Traveler is a 5-star hero, they remind me of Aang the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

First thing that came to my mind when I realize they treat the traveler as a "5 star unit" from Genshin_Impact

Developer miHoYo did an impressive job at providing cinematic intensity to the hero animations, more specifically the Elemental Bursts. The tight shot with rising music and intense dialogue make going overkill all too easy.

Just a slime wanting attention from Genshin_Impact

There is a lot of fan art that we can’t showcase here for obvious reasons. But what we can do is give you a detailed look at the body physics behind Genshin Impact‘s cast of magical waifus.

If there is one undisputed King of the 5-stars and master of Pyro, it is Diluc. Sure, he is hands down one of the most powerful heroes in Genshin Impact right now, but he is also locked behind the random Wish system, so good luck.

Sometimes the gaming community isn’t the most efficient crowd. At times we do things to see if it is possible. Skyrim never would have reached its true potential if the community wasn’t trying to constantly break the game and run up mountains.

There are two types of people who play this game from Genshin_Impact

Genshin Impact may look similar to Breath of the Wild, and the stories are not too different if we’re being honest. Despite that, Genshin Impact is super addicting, and the dungeons get you hooked grinding for new gear. Only two regions are available currently, leaving players waiting for more.

Its only been one week. from Genshin_Impact

These are only a few of the Genshin Impact community memes out there, and I am sure there will be countless more to scour through in the coming months.

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