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The Genshin Impact co-op mode explained

So you made it to Adventurer Rank 16 in Genshin Impact and are looking for a group to team up with and take on the world. Co-op is a similar, yet restricted version of the main game, focusing on open world engagements and dungeon runs.

Co-op content and limitations

When in co-op, players can only do Abyssal Domains, Ley Line Outcrops, Commissions, and even the open-world bosses.

Keep in mind that when you join another player’s world, you cannot pick up items, open chests, or make offerings to the Statues of the Seven. Co-op is currently restrictive and operates as a social model for Genshin Impact to test strategies for upcoming dungeons, rather than a fleshed-out experience.

Genshin Impact world

Party limit

The party limit is still four, and depending on how many players join an instance the number of heroes at your disposal will vary. In a game with two players, each player will have two heroes for use. In a game with three players, the host will have access to two heroes and the other players will choose one hero to play. In a full lobby of four players, each player is tied to one hero, emphasizing teamwork and synergy.

The more players that are in a lobby, the more communication is required to be successful and to pull off chain attacks.

What’s next?

Genshin Impact is still in its infancy but already has so much to offer for a free-to-play title. Developer miHoYo has already stated that they have plans to continue expanding Genshin Impact with new content regularly, and it its co-op receives more support (and shared or instanced loot becomes a reality), then there could be a flourishing community for dungeon raids.

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