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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Samurai class guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has four classes for players to choose from, and this guide will cover the Samurai. The Samurai is the versatile tank class of Legends, a lone pillar in a sea of chaos that stands toe-to-toe with the Mongol bosses. Samurais will thrive when holding down objectives, or diverting the aggression of boss enemies onto themselves.

Ultimate Ability: Hachiman’s Fury

The Samurai’s goal is to make sure the team doesn’t get overwhelmed by waves of demonic Mongols. When the team is inevitably knee-deep in Mongol bosses, Haichiman’s Fury will get you out of a bind. Hachiman’s Fury is one of the best ultimates to clear out a point or allow your team to take a breather.

The ultimate ability powers up the Samurai, and they will slice through enemies in rapid succession, depending on where the joystick is aimed. Once the Samurai reaches rank 11, players can unlock a technique allowing Hachiman’s Fury to be unleashed on five enemies instead of three.

 Class Ability: Spirit Pull | Explosive Blade

The first class ability that the Samurai unlocks is Spirit Pull, which when activated, will life-steal health away from enemies and heal the Samurai. Spirit Pull is helpful to have if you don’t run Samurai with a healing gourd or have a Ronin at your side, giving you some extra health while chipping away at the enemies.

The second class ability unlocks at rank 10. Explosive Blade is a powerful stun upgrade to your sword for a few seconds. Explosive Blade is a nice bonus to have against bosses that will continuously attack if not stunned, like the Crow Master.

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As you progress through the Samurai tree, perks for extra health, extra melee damage, and the ability to parry arrows will all make you a threat in survival. Archers can be one of the most annoying enemies in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, and the Samurai is the only class that gets this perk.

The Unblockable Strike from the main story is available as a perk, and while it uses Resolve, at rank 16 the Samurai gets an extra resolve slot making this less of an issue.

Building a beast Samurai

The ranged and sword choice for Samurai aren’t game-changing, but having an attribute to inflict fire damage occasionally is helpful. Having a defense charm equipped for survival will help you defend objectives for longer without the need for additional support.

The ghost weapons that you choose for the samurai depend on which class ability you pick. If your samurai has Spirit Pull, attach a sticky bomb for the first ghost weapon, and caltrops for the second slot. Caltrops slow down enemies and almost trap them in place, opening them up for more damage, or giving the Samurai a breather in the heat of combat.

If your samurai is running the Explosive Blade, skip the sticky bomb, and focus on kunai for the first ghost weapon slot. Roll for fire damage or additional blades, increasing the staggering potential of multiple enemies in the late game. The second ghost slot should be filled with a healing gourd to keep the samurai topped up whenever a Ronin isn’t present, or there is no time to run to a healing drum.

Playing as the Samurai

In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, Samurai are at their most powerful when staying in the fight and standing their ground. The relentless hack and slash approach is most effective on the Samurai. Building Resolve through parry attacks and counters will make a Samurai unstoppable, and feeds into their ultimate ability in case things go wrong.

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