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The 4 most annoying enemies in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends added style and flair to the samurai action RPG, introducing mythical landscapes, challenging missions, and demonic enemies. The variations make Ghost of Tsushima: Legends feel like a new game almost, but some of the new enemy types will get under your skin and annoy the hell out of you.

If you have played the main story, the enemies you have faced are a template for the Oni that appear in Legends. Each has an ability that imbues them with mystical powers geared at making player life a living hell, but some enemies in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends are more annoying than others.

Boomstick Brute

These are the brutes that carry a large mace and try to bash your head in, only to miss and cause an area of effect explosion. Out of all of the enemy types, these brutes, or Boomstick Berserkers as my group calls them, are masters of crowd control, and will keep the Ghosts dodging and jumping to stay alive.

They have some of the longer attack patterns in Legends and use that to their advantage often. The first attack variation the berserkers use is one where the mace is stabbed into the ground, and after a few seconds, the area surrounding them will explode in flames. While it may be annoying and will knock you into other Oni attacks, it is more effective to jump than to dodge when the attack erupts, to not waste precious time running back at the brute.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Enemy
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The second attack variation is the most annoying and always seems to catch me off guard. The berserker will lift the mace in the air and slam it onto the ground causing an explosion, repeating this until they have smashed your skull in or have run out of steam. Not only do you have to avoid getting hit by the mace, but the explosion it creates upon impact with the ground can interrupt your dodge if you aren’t far enough away. Once again, they force the Ghosts to back up and make space, only to be forced to close the gap to deal damage.

The third attack pattern is a spinning move that can be avoided, but lasts longer than the other two attack variations. Overall, the best method of taking out the berserkers is to keep your distance and use stun abilities to interrupt their attack patterns.

Crow Masters

Sucker Punch made a lot of correct design decisions when it came to Ghost of Tsushima and Legends alike. Most of the enemies are well thought-out, but I have no love for whoever had the bright idea to add a machine gun archetype. Crow Masters are summoners of sorts. They use spears at close range, and at long range they instead send hundreds of crows to deplete your health and add clutter to the screen.

The crows don’t do a lot of damage. The real issue is the clutter and framerate drops they cause on-screen during fights, and the range at which they can still deal damage to you. Good luck trying to roll away from the crows, because they will home in on you no matter where you go.

If you get close enough to the Crow Master to deal melee damage, remember that they can attack you using both their spear and the crows, so be prepared for a messy, chaotic fight

Uchitsune Archers

Archers are already annoying enough, but this ethereal archer can shoot fire arrows in rapid succession. It also teleports, keeping you on your toes. On their own, the archers aren’t overpowered, but when swarmed by Oni and multiple Uchitsune Archers are taking aim at you, things get hairy. This enemy type isn’t overpowered, but is more annoying than it has any business being.

Hunting down the archers can take a while without any stun abilities, as they will teleport after being struck a few times. In Nightmare Survival, keep an eye on the high ground, as often the Uchitsune archer will sit somewhere high uncontested, chipping away at your team.  

Fire Spirits

Fire Spirits aren’t technically an enemy type, but they are, hands down, the most annoying feature of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. This fiery medieval artillery only shows up in one of the Legends Story missions, and the Nightmare Survival Mode. In the Story Mode, the Fire Spirits can be destroyed, ending their constant rain of hellfire. In Survival Mode, the Faire Spirits are indestructible and will cause you headaches for all 25 waves.

Get used to rolling and dodging constantly. Trying to revive a downed ally can be nearly impossible with Fire Spirits on the field. Any Ghost caught in the circle will take damage and start burning. The best tactic is to avoid Fire Spirits at all costs.

Most enemies in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends can be handled with ease, but every now and then, these enemies come along and ruin a match. Pay extra attention to the enemies listed above, and be prepared to do a lot of ducking, dodging, and diving.

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