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10 Doom gift ideas for the special Slayer in your life | Gift Guide

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by killing hordes of demons? Doom is back, and if  you have a Slayer in your life, consider one of these Doom themed gift ideas. Just make sure when they rip and tear into the wrapping they don’t destroy the gift itself!

Doom Eternal: Deluxe Edition

In the event that your Slayer doesn’t have the latest Doom game, give them the Deluxe Edition! Not only does it contain the base game of Doom Eternal, but it also contains the Year One Pass.  The Year One Pass gives access to Doom Eternal’s Ancient Gods DLC for when they finish Doom Eternal‘s thrilling campaign.

Doom: Slayer’s Collection

Is there a game in the Doom universe your Slayer has missed playing for some strange reason? The Slayer’s Collection will do them just fine, then. In addition to Doom 2016, the Slayer’s Collection also contains classic Doom and Doom II, as well as Doom 3.

Doom: the Board Game, Second Edition

Wanna be able to play Doom if the power goes out? Consider the Doom board game made by Fantasy Flight Games.  Just be advised that it requires at least two players: at least one as a Doom Marine, and one to play the demonic hordes.

The Art of Doom Eternal, hardcover

Doom Eternal has some glorious concept art, so a book dedicated to its art is always a good choice for Slayers. Also contains developer commentary!

Doom shotgun shell shot glasses

It’s unknown if the Doom Slayer himself enjoys alcohol, but either way, it doesn’t mean you can’t. Perfect for any Doom-related drinking games you can come up with.

Doom deluxe double vinyl record

Does the Slayer in your life fancy himself an audiophile?  Get them the soundtrack of Doom 2016 on a format as classic as Doom itself, for $40 from the official Bethesda store.

Doom vinyl

Doom Eternal oversized gaming mousepad

Whether or not the Slayer in your life fancies themselves a PC gamer or not, this mousepad will be appreciated no matter what platform they play on. PCs do more than play games, after all, so get them this mousepad for $30 from the official Bethesda store.

Doom mousepad

Doom Eternal mini collectible toys

Slayers can collect in-game models of enemies as collectible toys, but did you know they have real life counterparts? They’re $30 each from the Bethesda store. Check out this Tyrant model, isn’t he adorable?

Doom Tyrant mini gift

Doom oversized Cacodemon plush

This is one demon your Slayer won’t want to rip and tear. Unless they happen to be of the canine persuasion… This one is available for $25 from the Bethesda store.

Doom cacodemon plush

Doom Mark of the Slayer dog hoodie

Speaking of canines, does the Slayer in your life have a Doog Slayer companion? Get them this, then, for $30 from the Bethesda store.

Doom dog hoodie

These are the best gift ideas we can think of to satisfy the Slayers. However, there are probably more Doom gift ideas we haven’t considered in this gift guide. What are some ideas you can think of? Please share them in the comments below!

And stay tuned to SQUAD for more gift guides!

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